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120 分鐘正宗古法泰式按摩【獨立房間 - 二人同行】
猶如置身曼谷 享受正宗泰式按摩
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90 minutes of the famous magnetic fork oil push
Remove edema, clear lymph nodes, eliminate stress and fatigue
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120 minutes of deep peace of mind and stress relief
Relax tense muscles and improve sleep quality
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Massage shop specializing in Thai massage

Thai Chill hopes that guests can also experience authentic Thai massage in Hong Kong. Thai Chill arranges the environment as a Thai SPA, hoping that guests can feel as if they are enjoying Thai massage in Thailand. Thai Chill provides three kinds of massage services for The guest chooses. Thai Chill is different from massage shops that provide a variety of massage treatments. Thai Chill pays more attention to the massage techniques of masseurs, so it only provides Thai massage treatments, Thai essential oil massage treatments and Thai herbal ball massages, so that guests can truly feel Excellent massage service.

Thai massage shop run by Thai masseuses

In order to give guests a feeling of being in Thailand, all masseurs at Thai Chill are Thai, and each masseuse has more than 20 years of massage experience. The massage oil products used by Thai Chill are all from Thailand. The massage shop also provides 8 kinds of massage oil products for customers to choose from. Each massage oil has different effects, such as: reducing edema and relieving fatigue. Guests can communicate with masseuses according to their preferences and needs, so as to select suitable massage oils, so that aromatherapy oils can exert the greatest effect during the treatment.

Make the client's body really improve

Thai Chill understands the needs and preferences of customers before the treatment, and then professional masseuses will provide corresponding massage treatments according to the needs of customers. During the course of treatment, the masseuse will also care about the feelings of the guests to adjust the intensity of the massage. After each course of treatment, the masseur will also care about the physical condition of the customer, ensuring that the massage can effectively relieve the physical and mental fatigue of the customer, so that the physical condition of the customer can be truly improved after receiving the treatment.
In addition to providing high-quality massage treatments, Thai Chill also pays great attention to customer experience. During the course of the customer's experience of the treatment, there will be desserts for the guests to eat. In addition, the store also provides WiFi and chargers for guests to use. Thai Chill will allow each guest to enjoy a massage treatment in a separate room. It allows guests to enjoy massage treatments in a peaceful environment, hoping that customers will feel at home during the process. Thai Chill also pays great attention to environmental hygiene. All the utensils used in the treatment are disposable, and the towels will be washed after each use. After each treatment session, the entire room is sanitized to ensure guests can safely enjoy their massage sessions.
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alex tang
Clean place, good technique and comfortable.

Place is clean, good price


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