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Cancellable up to 1 hour before
Pregnancy Massage
Mole & Wart Removal
Facial Care
Body Care
Womb Warming
Spa & Massage
Face Slimming
Medical Cosmetology Treatment
Postpartum Lactation Treatment
Helps clear breast glands that are blocked, increase milk secretion
Professional massage and care for beautiful pregnant mothers
Vegas 360 美容師受專業按摩訓練,讓顧客享受星級美容體驗
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Salus Talent Pelvic Treatment
Treatment for Vaginal Prolapse and Seepage


About the Merchant

【A Comprehensive Beauty Salon】
VEGAS 360º was established in 1990 and has many stores in Hong Kong and is a pioneer in the beauty services industry catering to working mothers’ service and beauty product needs. For thirty years, VEGAS 360 º is one of the leaders in the Hong Kong beauty industry.
VEGAS 360º simultaneously prioritizes servicing each customer and at the same time striving for innovative scientific research to broaden the development of the high-tech beauty industry, provide a one-stop professional high-tech beauty salon, effectively help you to lose weight, provide lifestyle beauty services and health-preserving services and to bring top-quality service and products to each customer. We have incorporated the service model of the famous five-star hotel spas (SPA) including the training, interior design, service process to beauty equipment and technology. Every detail is meticulous and the perfect combination of a five-star hotel’s luxury and contemporary beauty. Our customers will enjoy a five-star beauty salon experience.

Interesting Facts

【If You Don’t Wear Sunscreen, Your Skin Will Age Quickly! Here are a few sunscreen tips for you!】
What Do You Have To Be Aware of When Applying Sunscreen?
1. ) Some people apply sunscreen very carelessly. To get full coverage, you must apply sunscreen to the entire face and body. The sunscreen should be 2mg/2cm thick in order to be effective 2mg/2cm (that is 2mg per square centimetre of body surface area).
2.) The day’s activities will determine how much sunscreen you need to apply. If it is a regular work day, or a day of going out, then SPF20 sunscreen is sufficient; if water sports is involved, then you need to choose a high SPF sunscreen that is also waterproof.
3.) You should apply sun screen 20-30 minutes before you leave the house so that the sunscreen will take effect when you step into the sun. You should apply sunscreen to any spots that will see the sun and don’t forget about the ears, corner of the mouth, hairline, the back of the hand, etcetera.
What is the difference between UVA and UVB?
UVA has a wavelength of 320-400 nm and can directly reach the dermis of the skin. The damage to the skin is greater and can cause spots, wrinkles, skin without elasticity and other aging problems and is the main culprit behind poor skin condition. PA (Protection Grade of UVA). Targeting UVA’s protection index,PA+ provides mild protection, can delay 2-4 times tanning time. The more + signs represents the protection against UVA is stronger.
UVB has a wavelength of 280-320 nm and can instantly damage the skin. It will cause the skin to have dark spots, redness, swelling, peeling, etc. Compared to UVA, UVB is easier to protect against. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) protects against UVB radiation index. Regardless of what situation, our skin will turn red once it has been under the sun for about 15 minutes. If SPF15 translates to 15x the protection power then 15×15=225 minutes,which is about 3 hours and 45 minutes of protection.
How To Clean After Applying Sunscreen?
In addition to applying sunscreen everyday, it is important to clean the skin. If you apply a strong sunscreen that day, you must use a makeup remover to clean it and then use a cleaning product to thoroughly wash your face. However there are now regular cleaning products that can remove sunscreen products.
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