With the passion and profession from our founder Master Dickson, Dickson Yoga is an innovative all-in-one studio, offering an array of yoga classes, fitness classes, massages, facials and spa. We are constantly striving and reinventing the yoga disciplines.

The abundant yoga choices are here to cater to your different needs. The exhilarating varieties include 32°C Hot Yoga, Full-Body Sculpting Yoga, City Ailment Therapy Yoga, Relax & Recharge Yoga, Meridian Therapy Yoga, Super-stretch Yoga, Kick-boxing Yoga and more......

Classes are guaranteed to be fun and effective. All classes designed by the renowned Master Dickson Lau and taught by Master Dickson and his team of experienced instructors.

What’s more, Dickson Yoga perhaps owns the biggest Hanuman wall ever in the world for practicing inversion! While you are waiting for a class, or just wanna take a break upside down, just climb up and stretch your muscles. This wall is free for all members to enjoy inversion at anytime.

Dickson Yoga has the one and only Vegetarian Kitchen inside the yoga centre in Hong Kong!