Nutritionist Service in Tiu Keng Leng

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    • Muqadas
      May 10, 2021

      I like their service

    • Yena Albert
      May 9, 2021
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      Follow Sarah’s menu and live thin! I can lose more than 20kg in a few months, and I don’t feel the same as an adult. Ji Zhong will teach me different nutritional knowledge, and slowly lose weight in health. Thanks sarah!

    • Okano Noboru
      April 1, 2021

      I highly recommend this practitioner. I did mole removal by laser treatment. The practitioner is very efficient and the treatment only took about 20 minutes including the consultation. After the treatment, moles become darker and thicker. However, they formed scabs and then peeled off. The small moles are completely removed. The big one became smaller and the color is lighter now. I have done CO2 laser for mole removal before, but it took so much time for the wound to recover. But his laser treatment makes no wound and the recovery is very fast. I am sure it is much more efficient than CO2 laser.

    • Megan
      February 18, 2021
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      Because of my breast blockage, it caused me to have a stone chest, and it was so painful. I searched the Internet for a round and found the app toby. I left my request and service for the experts. Ah Xian was one of the experts who responded, talking on the phone. I have been taught how to deal with it. She is an experienced confinement and prolactinist...When she came to the service, she carefully and slowly helped me massage different acupoints, explained how to deal with it, taught me what soup, and continued after that follow up me

    • Vincent Wang
      January 21, 2021
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      Follow the dietitian to eat, and lose 20 pounds, how strong!

    • Ho Jacqueline Joyce
      January 19, 2021
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      BB World in October 2020.. Under the epidemic situation, I will be bold and rough.. When I meet Fanny😊, I am very careful and hygienic.. BB houses and enterprises are relieved! Full-hand massage, with burying and draining massage oil for me (it tastes good and comfortable), at a reasonable price! After the first day, the effect is obvious.... After ten days, the rectus abdominis separation was 2 fingers and half changed and 1 finger was changed. Waist circumference was 32 changed and 28. Zhong taught me to do tightening exercises. I highly recommend it to moms!