HelloToby Pros中國書法班: 期望遇上書法同好,分享書法樂趣
中國書法班: 期望遇上書法同好,分享書法樂趣

中國書法班: 期望遇上書法同好,分享書法樂趣

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  • Wendy

    3 months ago

    Professional, analytical, and careful, understands the teaching needs of different age groups, understands the market needs of students, and familiarizes them with the current educational content. They can design training courses for students that are specifically required by individuals. Pre-classroom preparation is very adequate. The course content and teaching speed will also be adjusted according to the actual needs of the students. Recommended for relatives and friends.

  • Tang Wing Han

    3 months ago

  • Nicholas Ho

    8 months ago

    Like his teachings, start from the basics, lay a good foundation, and gradually.

  • 沃奕瀚

    8 months ago

    With patience, full of basic theory

  • crystal

    11 months ago

    The teachers are very good people, and they are wonderful in the church. They are able to teach me that I am not good enough to teach. Zhong Ye has advised me more than me, and I have encouraged me all day long. The church is very efficient and helps me regain confidence

  • K.H. Ting

    12 months ago