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  • 亞洲運動及體適能學院(AASFP)高級私人教練證書

  • 國際康體專才陪訓學院IPTFA 私人健身教練證書

  • 美國國家健美及體適能學院 National Bodybuilding & Fitness Academy (NBFA) 運動按摩證書及伸展教練證書

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  • Do women do weight training and become a lot of muscles?

  • Is there a possibility of partial slimming?

  • Do you have to gain weight? Muscle is fat?



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  • Poon Lee

    2 days ago

    Bill coach is so professional and powerful. I have no training traces for 2 years of training. He took me to train for 1 month and changed sharply. The people around me said that I am only a lot of left and left, and I have a lot of cross-left (small and thin skeleton from an early age). Thanks to Bill Coach

  • lulu

    3 months ago

    Bill is a great trainer and he is experience enough to indicate what the problems I had and to provide relevant technique accordingly . Worth to train with him.

  • Cherry

    3 months ago

    Bill coaches teach well, help me design for both courses, go to the church and concentrate on following my daily diet! I hope to be able to lose weight quickly and successfully ~ to meet the summer and enjoy the sunny beach


    3 months ago

    A great coach, as long as you ask questions, will help you slowly and carefully, super professional. real stuff

  • jennifer

    3 months ago

    The coach is very attentive and professional. The coaches themselves are really big, but they are not as strong as the outside coaches who have no training marks.

  • 吳俊超

    3 months ago

    According to the individual's physical fitness, experience and affordability, they will go step by step, one by one, and a great coach.