HelloToby Pros可宜冷氣清洗維修工程公司Aircon clean repair service
可宜冷氣清洗維修工程公司Aircon clean repair service

可宜冷氣清洗維修工程公司Aircon clean repair service

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  • Air conditioner cleaning
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  • Air-conditioning dripping odor 唔 唔 唔 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 空调
  • Air conditioning Daikin Mitsubishi Treasures Geli Gree Whitening Carrier YORK Commercial air-conditioning ceiling machine
  • Cold air 唔 frozen ice odor odor snow dripping hot air
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  • Robert Blythe

    20 days ago
    I am impressed, Sunday afternoon and I was able to book Ho YI AC Repair Service Center for a few days later. When Alan the owner the work was quick and efficient. I am very impressed both with his service and the hellotoby website. Absolutely brilliant. It got me out of a hole in double quick time.
  • 章小姐

    29 days ago
  • jacky

    about 2 months ago
  • Man Kit Lee

    about 2 months ago
    VERY GOOD , i will use again
  • yy

    2 months ago
  • 吳寶玉

    2 months ago