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  • Air conditioner cleaning
  • Air Conditioner Repair
  • Air-conditioning dripping odor 唔 唔 唔 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 空调
  • Air conditioning Daikin Mitsubishi Treasures Geli Gree Whitening Carrier YORK Commercial air-conditioning ceiling machine
  • Air-conditioning dripping clean window split frequency odor hot air capacitor
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    Cheung Sha Wan Chang Wan Industrial Centre 1503-1506 Units

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    13 years

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  • Air Conditioning Cleaning


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  • Nicky Gwak

    3 days ago
  • Marco

    3 days ago
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    The master is polite, experienced, and will do enough protection before cleaning the air.
  • Tiffany

    5 days ago
  • Lily

    10 days ago
    態度認真, 很有禮貌, 速度很快. Mr Wong is helpful and fast
  • Adrianna Mahoney

    10 days ago
    Alan from Hoyi Aircon did a wonderful job. He was professional, sufficient, and thorough. Great quality service! I would definitely use them again.
  • Jacqueline

    13 days ago
    Excellent air con cleaning service and address all my questions! Recommended!