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Hello  各位好,我地擁有13年專...

Hello 各位好,我地擁有13年專...

Deep Cleaning

  • Cheung Sha Wan
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  • Air conditioner cleaning
  • Air Conditioner Repair
  • Air-conditioning dripping odor 唔 唔 唔 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 雪 空调
  • Air conditioning Daikin Mitsubishi Treasures Geli Gree Whitening Carrier YORK Commercial air-conditioning ceiling machine
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    Cheung Sha Wan Chang Wan Industrial Centre 1503-1506 Units

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    13 years

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  • Yuki XU

    2 days ago
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    Thanks to Master Huang for helping me to mess up the air-conditioner. I don’t freeze the fault. The master is honestly speaking, the air-conditioning is not enough, the air-conditioning is not clean, the air-conditioning can be solved, the snow can be used first, the master is quick, and the master is quite experienced. The squid bay village house masters are all It’s worth recommending to drive to get on time and be very touched.
  • JackWu

    10 days ago
  • Alisom

    about 1 month ago
  • isaB

    about 1 month ago
  • 王小姐

    about 1 month ago
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    I lived in Sham Tseng. I used to wait for 2~3 hours after I made an appointment. After I finished the air-conditioning, I dripped again the next day. I paid for it but I had an unpleasant experience. But I can take Master's professionalism and my service attitude is very good. Punctuality, this is the service that today's consumers expect from the product.
  • Niamh

    about 1 month ago
    Alan was able to come asap and was very well prepared with all equipment to fix the problem. Would definitely recommend!