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  • 楊麗珊

    about 21 hours ago
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    Will explain in detail what is called learning vocal music, let you know what you need 👍🏻
  • Jacky Fung

    15 days ago
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    There has been significant progress in the first one or two months from the beginning of a vocal lesson. I have had a patient guidance from Sir and learned various methods to improve singing skills. One sir is very nice and nice, and he must be supported
  • Catherine Wong

    21 days ago
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    I have been with 1 Sir for 4 months, I guess it's so easy to sing! From the beginning, there was no energy at all, and vocalization became much easier. The location of the hall is convenient for transportation, and you can go to the hall on time. 1 sir has the strength and teaches seriously. It is definitely the first choice for learning to sing!
  • Angelbaby Keung

    about 1 month ago
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    I am Angel. In 2016, I had a thyroidectomy operation. Since then, my vocal cords have had some sequelae including sound sand, speechlessness, and singing. The initial doctor said that it was normal and that he needed to wait. Time has recovered, but I have waited for more than a year, and the situation has not improved. Singing is still flat and out of tune. Since I have loved singing since I was young, I have lost confidence and am worried that I cannot sing in the future. Until the end of 2017, I met Mr. Lin and began to learn to sing with him. I hope to follow the professional method to find the old voice. At the beginning, I always had a try mentality. First, Mr. Lin will diagnose what my voice is. Questions, and then explain the theory of vocalization step by step, through some small exercises to practice Qi, help me do stretching and exercise to practice strength and so on.
  • Jeffrey Au Yeung

    2 months ago
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    Very professional, starting from my physical constitution, teaching word-by-word singing step by step, it is easy to pick up and have good results!
  • Louis Lo

    3 months ago
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    At first I thought I knew singing and it was the first brother in front of Sir. . After learning the prophets, I really sang. 0 ^