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港.象棋 棋院 (工作室)

港.象棋 棋院 (工作室)

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  • Kwun Tong
  • Member since 27 Jan 2018
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About the Pro

  • Kwun Tong
  • Chess Arts Class
  • Interest classes
  • Inspiring thinking
  • Logical training
  • Address

    Room 32, 5th Floor, Jinkai Industrial Building, 58 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

  • Working Hours

    Monday to Sunday 1400-2200

  • Company Size

    1 - 10

  • Experience

    10 years

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  • 香港象棋甲組棋手

  • 曾任廣東省棋類協會競賽委員會委員

  • 曾在廣州著名棋院如弈天棋院及花體棋院任專業教練

  • 曾任全國象棋甲級聯賽直播員

  • 2015年韓信盃國際名人邀請賽裁判

  • 香港多間學校的中國象棋教練

Service Coverage

  • Chinese Chess Lesson


  • What age can I start to register for?

  • Is not playing chess? Do you still want to learn?

  • My child is of the type of "unfixed" and is suitable for learning chess?

  • My child is afraid of losing, because every time he loses playing other games he will be very sad and does not want to play again. Is it suitable for learning chess?

  • My child's school performance is very poor. I just want their school grades to be good. Should the children learn?

  • My child has a busy homework every day, extracurricular activities on Saturdays, and a rest on Sundays. Where can I still learn chess?

  • I have two children, one is 15 years old and the other is 10 years old. If I let my older son learn first and then come back to teach my 10-year-old son, is it suitable?

  • In addition to good chess skills, brain development, what are the benefits of playing chess?