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  • Paul Ling

    about 1 year ago
    Good designer with good practical experience. recommended
  • 邱震宇

    about 1 year ago
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    I myself and my family are very satisfied with the professionalism and serious work attitude of the experts who have promoted the design engineering company. They are meticulous from design to construction, so we will definitely recommend it to friends and relatives. Thanks Ricky! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • 馬小玲

    about 1 year ago
  • King Wong

    over 1 year ago
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    The information provided is very professional and useful, customer first, reasonable price, highly recommended!!!
  • Bev Hung

    1 day ago
    We thought they provided great prep work - in the end we used as much budget as possible to renovate. It ended up with the below: Horrible Time management - Crazy Delay in renovations, and blamed us for not moving in while they were STILL building our furniture for an extra 2 months, as the wardrobes and shelving were all incorrect. Horrible management with outsourced companies - Furniture Dirty after their cleaning and professional cleaning (where we OUTSOURCED) with unremovable stains, all sizing is incorrect and needs to be replaced. in the end STILL incorrect. Promised NEVER will be fulfilled 1. layout of furniture does not end up the same as they drew it out and they just "made do" with whatever they hand 2. install lights but in the end did not and told us to pay $800 (excluding the light) if we wanted to have it installed. Poor Workmanship 1. Tiles were uneven until we forced them to retile them as it was dangerously uneven with sharp edges coming out 2. The front door looks like a used door of over 5 years... when we raised the issue, they blamed it on US (the client) that the FURNITURE came incorrect therefore their workman scratched our door which was OUR fault. and REFUSED to have it replaced. 3. The kitchen door did not FIT in our kitchen and told us that it was acceptable that the door DOESN'T CLOSE. Poor after service - we had to practically BEGGED them to come fix a HUGE CRACKS in the wall, which got WORST after ever fix. They will refuse to come to your house as they have no intention in fixing your house. Biggest regret was choosing them, although how they "sold" themselves at the beginning was great. If you DARE to choose them - DONT TRUST THEM and write EVERYTHING in the contract
  • Ms Kristen

    8 months ago
    Absolutely horrible. Extremely bad workmanship. No quality control. Horrible project management. Regret so badly that we took them.