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  • Yuen Long
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    Yuen Long, Jinshui South Road, Kam Sheung Road, Kam Tin, Yuen Long

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    20 years

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  • Forest

    11 months ago

  • Tam Kit Ha

    11 months ago

    Satisfied / loving / will pay attention to some details

  • Yan

    11 months ago

    Every time you go to travel, you are the best choice for Sujiazhuang dog boarding! Careful service, 24-hour care! Peace of mind!

  • Ellen Cheung

    11 months ago

    Very caring for small animals, loving!

  • Hilda Luke

    11 months ago

    The doghouse is very wide and clean. Under the careful care of Su Da and Su Ma, the two dogs had a very pleasant holiday.

  • Teresa Lee

    11 months ago