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  • Mak Chun Kong

    8 months ago

    :) It was an excellent service from Nicole. I got a lot of inspirations from her and the 2 hours was life-changing. A lot of good concepts and ideas were flown from her to my head. Nicole is very emotional sensitive and professional. I highly recommend her service!! Thank you so much Nicole!

  • lenna

    9 months ago

    At first, because of unsatisfactory feelings, there was a period of time when I felt bad and even life was hopeless. I met Huang Tai. Huang Tai spent a while with me, and I found myself back to God. Huang Tai gave me so much. Inspiration, such as getting along with people around you skills, your own interests, how to overcome difficulties, etc., all this is a good thankful. Gradually, things have become better because of all the unsatisfactory things. It is because Huang Tai gave me great encouragement and support. It made me feel worried and moved! In addition, we must mention that Huangtai has a secret garden and it also becomes my secret garden. The secret is a place full of positive energy. Like Huang Tai, it is full of positive energy. Regardless of her happiness and joy, she always gives her a lot of love. , Hug you very much thank Huang Tai!

  • Grace Lo

    10 months ago

    I can listen to my needs with my heart, comfort me with a caring heart, and lead me out of the darkness.

  • Don

    10 months ago

    Very good counselor, caring and patient.

  • 潘惜娟

    9 months ago

    Huang Tai’s knowledge in counseling is abundant. When she shares some difficulties with her, she understands the problems well and guides me to understand the crux of the problem so that I can understand myself. I understand that she is a good person. Heart counselor shepherd.

  • Becky

    9 months ago

    Professionalism, but as a parent, it is better to rely on different levels of experimentation before you can effectively master theories and accumulate experience to become your own management philosophy. It is also necessary to constantly get expert advice to guide, how to deal with and methods, and not every child is unique. We also understand technology and concepts and how to deal with it.