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  • Hillary

    about 4 hours ago
    Online learning with Ms has been absolutely amazing! While it is obviously a lot harder to teach through a screen, I have been able to maintain and improve my japanese despite the current pandemic. She has been patient, and would not mind having to repeat things several times for me to understand class content. For students that are hesitant about future lessons with miss I just want to say that you can enjoy the process of learning Japanese with confidence even through your computer screens!
  • Yanny

    7 days ago
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    At the beginning, I always feel uneasy about online classes. First of all, because I don't have many facetimes, I am afraid of looking at the camera and being afraid of ugliness, and I am afraid of seeing myself 😂. But since February this year, I didn't dare to look into the camera at the beginning. I tried to cover facetime with whatsapp webpage because of fear of ugliness, and waited for myself to focus on the content of teacher whatsapp. Over time, I even looked at myself and watched the teacher answer the questions. Secondly, there was no problem with the sound reception, because I had corrected the teacher a few times, which proved that the teacher heard clearly 😂 In short, because of the epidemic, changing to online classes is a way to go to class. One will waste a mask because it is only one out of the street and go online. Second, it is safe for housing companies to go out without wearing a mask. I live with a mask and sit too close to other people, so online classes have made me more flexible than before. Finally, it’s very convenient for me to talk about it, I don’t want to take a book and walk around, my girl Li Jiangzhong wants to wash her hair, dress up and sun, first go out on the street 😂 After going to the hall, you can just hang out on the bed. Selling point~👍
  • 和菓子

    19 days ago
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    I went to class online. I really like Teacher Yonago's teaching method. The use of files and images is very good, and there is no sense of distance in class like a real person. I will also provide timely assistance to those who are not hearing enough, and sincerely recommend "Mr. Yonago"
  • ジェニファー

    29 days ago
    旦那と一緒に習っています。👩‍❤️‍👨 Komeko san is very patient in teaching and prepares different teaching materials for us to learn and practice. We are glad that we have Komeko san as our Japanese language teacher. だまされたと思って、是非米子先生に連絡してみてね! 今だょ〜✨
  • Rogerman

    29 days ago
    We have started learning the Japanese language from my teacher, Komeko san, since day one. As we are Hongkongers, having a Cantonese speaking teacher is beneficial for beginners like us. During the last few years of learning, we have picked up the Japanese gradually and reach an elementary level. Though the progress seems slow, it is all down to us too lazy😬😬.
  • 櫻木花道

    about 1 month ago
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    先生と一绪に本を読んだ后,自分の言葉で短くまとめるのが难しいけど、すごく楽しかった!だんだんできるようになって play しいです. Mr. が素晴らしい!