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  • BowieFu

    4 months ago

    It's quite awkward to worry about a D boy. Chung is well-balanced and professional. You can continue to work in the future so that you can get a D store. Good for Zai Zai ^_^♪

  • Joanna Lee

    6 months ago

    Very patient and caring! My dog ​​is very satisfied

  • May Wong

    7 months ago

    Good care and patience! Next time, you will be asked to help protect your baby.

  • Lam Kai Shing

    8 months ago

    I was looking for Fey temporarily yesterday and I will help you today. It was about six-and-a-half and it took another pet to finish in the distance, but it was not easy to get rid of me. Although it was finished at 9:30, it was very good and polite. Very loving ~

  • June

    9 months ago

    Be patient and polite, and cut well, thank you

  • Sheryl

    11 months ago

    I am very careful and have a good chance to help me baby dressed up, communicate with me beforehand please Chu I want to cut it well, convenient to cut out a lot

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