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  • Vincent Tse

    about 1 year ago

    I have Mike Cheng as my personal trainer for a period of time and he is without doubt a very supportive,passionate and knowledgable coach. What stand out Mike from others is that he is highly proficient in sport science, human physiology and anatomy. He is patient enough to explain to you the mechanism behind muscle training and guide us to set up a realistic plan to achieve our own goal. He places much emphasis on exercise safety at the same time for fear that injuries could slow down my progress. If you are determined enough to improve your fitness, Mike would be the best person to help accomplish your goal.

  • Wan Yiu Fai

    11 months ago

    Mike is an experienced bodybuilder and a professional trainer. With his instruction, I clearly know how to properly perform the exercises in his customized workout routine. His patience also helps build up my confidence and would not shy away from hitting the gym alone.