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  • Joey

    about 2 years ago
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    The master of ceremonies is really indispensable in the wedding, but good ceremonies can be met, but fortunately, we met. Get MOMO as our wedding master of ceremonies. She is a person who gives us complete peace of mind and confidence. In the first place, she completely met our requirements. Secondly, some parts are even more to be praised: First of all, before the wedding, MoMo had already agreed to meet us earlier and filtered the flow of our wedding again. Analysis and adjustment will make us have a bottom, and we will not mess up and insert the links. Haha, because the bridegroom brother loves to sing, and the bride wants to engage in the atmosphere, play games, these ideas, MOMO all carefully analyzed and answered, and gave out the pertinent opinions. The ceremonial masterpiece was also given to us two months ago in the wedding. I was very relieved and assured. In addition, the time control aspect must also give a praise, the wedding night is very smooth, time control is good, MOMO is also familiar with the process, basically she is no unnecessary nonsense on the stage, because we all want to start early to spread early, after all, the guests are Leave a precious Saturday to attend! MOMO arrived earlier than I expected, but she didn't start doing nothing but started to find our co-ordinator and AV siblings. Moreover, the ceremonial manuscript is very detailed, but the deduction method is entirely based on the MOMO's power frame. We are really scared to engage in GAG and Dead-air. MOMO is definitely not a eloquent ceremonial master. After her content and skills, her husband's colleagues also praised the ceremonial masterpiece quite well. Preparation for a year-and-half wedding more MOMO