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    1) Winning Centre, Wyndham St, Central 2) Hau Fook St., Tsim Sha Tsui 3) Tai Ho St., Tsuen Wan

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  • Hung Lam

    about 7 hours ago

    The reason why the fitness instructor is because he wants to do it before he can do it in the wild, and to focus on the targeted training, it is like the rise of the pull-up. Because I have a lot of lean muscle mass, Shawn will help me to strengthen all aspects of the game, from 0 to the home to do 8 times, really can not be.

  • Zoe

    about 11 hours ago

    The coach is good and nice! The fitness industry has a negative report on the day, and there is a nervousness in the gym room. The good color Eagle is very amiable and shocked, and it will be hard sell.... I hope to learn something!

  • Sammy Leung

    about 11 hours ago

    Eagle is a good coach with HEART. The canal is like teaching every student. I am used to doing sports, and I use a lot of methods to teach me, so that I understand that my muscles really feel the strength of training.

  • Yvonne

    1 day ago

    Although I've gone for 'trial classes' at few others here and there, there's been nothing compared to Pit Stop for me. Sang was with 100% attention in the training! Besides the team of top, highly qualified trainers, it's a fun place to work out at!

  • Joey Hui

    1 day ago

    Pit Stop is in my view still the best gym in town. Sang and his colleages are bunch of real professionals, with knowledge reaching far beyond of just working out. I have gotten so much stronger and learned so much about all aspects of fitness and nutrition. Thanks!

  • Bobby Lam

    1 day ago

    Once I opened the blue ball with Allen, I knew that the channel had a heavy training, so I helped me with the field. Although the blue ball is turned on, the muscle mass is too much. When doing heavy training, it is estimated that you are not performing well. Fortunately, Allen has both guidance and encouragement. And the family really has progress. There is a sense of success.