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  • Ray Wong

    7 days ago

    He is very patient and patient, and his design advice is very practical. Although he did not choose his service at the end, he was very grateful for his comments.

  • Winnie Ho

    6 months ago

    Zilch was very good at being a designer. Although I didn't hire Zilch at the end, the entire quotation process Zhong Zilch has always had a good patience to answer all my questions. The Drainage Council will have a lot of good advice. Invaluable advice. Thank him.

  • davidytk@yahoo.com.hk

    6 months ago

    Good patience to listen to customer opinions, worth recommending

  • Wilson

    8 months ago

    The design is first class and provides many opinions to satisfy the guests. During the renovation period, it also regularly reports on progress and can be completed as scheduled. Decoration is good and handmade. At the same time, the company solved the problem for the guests and reduced the troubles of moving houses and decoration.

  • Suen ching han

    6 months ago

    After the completion of the general work, the effect was very satisfactory. The need for communication was clear. It was just that the work was not completed on time. The connection of the type of work was not tight and the time was delayed. The price of the price could be loosened. For example, the negotiable price of this project was at least 3-4. Million, after the paint project to change the need to increase the price of some express, to the account when the householder knows the truth, the result 49,000 and the original bargaining price 3,004, the big difference, the householder understands that the enthusiasm of a hundred things, the merits and demerits of the job is also a penny points Goods, it is also willing to pay, but when the price to the householder to consider how much to pay, before calculating whether it is worth it!

  • 王小姐

    7 months ago

    Very good, very careful listening to my need for a new home, knowing that I have limited spending and professional advice, so that I can control the budget and the results have met my expectations.