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  • Tsuen Wan
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  • anonymous op

    2 months ago
    lord and saviour
  • 安倍晋三34457

    3 months ago
    he is good at other things besides English teaching, and became my friend as well as my tutor unexpectedly. Very big knowledge on Japanese culture and life since he has lived in Japan for over 12 years, should tutor Japanese as well haha あなたの急性のファッションセンス、 鈍いユーモア、 無意味なチャタリング(ハハは私を許して申し訳ありません、お世辞です)x3 あなたの剣のように私の英語を磨くために私はあなたを私の心の近くに抱きしめます。 ありがとう、雷先輩! T.T
  • Oleksander Ponomarenko

    3 months ago
    I found Uttsant to help my 14-year old son fine-tune his English writing, and I am happy to say I can see progress in my son thus far (we are Ukrainian and his English writing skills are not too good). Uttsant is a polite, friendly and patient boy who works well with my shy son. If you are in need of a great tutor who can bring results I highly suggest you consider contacting him. Have also been urging him to add accounting tutoring to his portfolio as he's quite knowledgeable there too ;)
  • Courtenay Wu

    3 months ago
    so kind and helpful , rlly recommend <333 I was failing my English at skl, but Uttsant helped me improve my writing and speaking so I can pass, my teachers say I improve quite a lot XD ofc still need to do a lot of work to get lvl 5 in DSE, but I hope w hard work I can do it. FIGHTING!!! also he works very hard, prepare a lot of worksheets and replies immediately on WhatsApp when I ask for some tips :3 already convince 3 more of my fnds to get tutoring from him as well!
  • Leah Kim

    4 months ago
    Extremely helpful and patient. He helped me raise my DSE English level from a 4 to 5* and I highly recommend him if you are serious in improving your English, especially for public exams.
  • Chan Ka Wing

    3 months ago
    shld speak Canto cos i rlly have hard on listening his English