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  • Ruby

    10 days ago

  • Florence

    2 months ago

    Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Provides a personalised service. My husband is very happy and highly recommends.

  • Miranda

    7 months ago

    Wockeez is professional and patient. He would suggest customized training based on our personal situation. Very efficient and pay a lot of attention to safety. Exactly what we needed!

  • Ore Cheung

    8 months ago

    The only reason to choose Wock is to learn about my physical health and condition with the instructor. There is no disappointment in the top 10 lessons. There are healthy and individualized dietary guides to guide the correct movement. We are very careful to watch along the way and care about whether I am comfortable or not, so that I can give analysis and professional advice and change some pain around me. Absolutely Safe and healthy to lose weight or exercise. And Drainage Council encourages you to stick to it. The deepest ditch reminds me to be happy to lose weight before it is feasible. And since the department is responsible and polite, it will make you happy and happy. Finally, the most concern is of course no effect, answer you! Absolutely! I finally broke through the left-silent and generous platform. Thanks Wock, the absolute value of the canal system is back to the price sponsor:)

  • Siu Chun Ting

    9 months ago

  • Jack Tang

    9 months ago

    Friendly and passionate, provide appropriate training and useful advice to me