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Ethan Wong | 專業健身教練

Ethan Wong | 專業健身教練

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  • CHANG Pok Hin

    3 months ago
    A professional trainer which helps to train your goal effectively :)
  • Brian Lee

    8 months ago
    非常專業,上課地點彈性,會盡力幫你最快拎到康文署健身卡。上課唔會嘥時間做cardio,會學到好多負重動作。動作有時會chur,但好中point,每次都操到㷫烚烚。除左負重動作外,仲會教你如何三餐進食,對body weight losing 同 building最有效。閒時自己去gym,亦都可以whatspp Ethan去問問題,非常helpful。極力推薦! Very professional, flexible places for lesson. Will try his best helping you to take the gym card from LCSD. He is not teaching cardio in lesson, instead you may get to learn plenty of weight training techniques. Sometimes you may feel a bit overwhelmed in lessons, but every single workout pinpoints your muscles.
  • Cheng wan ting

    8 months ago
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  • Mr.Koo

    8 months ago
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    The first hall of Shangyu, I feel wrong, meticulous and will continue to marry
  • novem chung

    9 months ago