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  • Jenn Tsui

    6 months ago
    After training 7 months with Katie, my friends and I are all convinced it’s worth it and Katie would be the person I recommend whoever ask me about getting a personal trainer! Other than constantly pinching me to push harder, got nothing to complain!
  • Wendy

    7 months ago
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    This coach is worth recommending! She won't sell hard, but she can carefully see your problem, then make appropriate guidance and arrange targeted training to keep you progressing. Unlike other coaches, she is indeed a powerful coach! Training with her can achieve results and get twice the result with half the effort!
  • Charles

    8 months ago
    I started working with FitnessART as I had reoccurring knee issues, which very much limited what I could do in the gym and I found difficulty in finding a workout suitable. FitnessART was extremely knowledgeable - not just on different workouts, but also on anatomy and muscle groups, which certainly helped explain what exercises were creating the issues. The workouts are fun and structured, but she will work you out seriously! FitnessART is a pleasure to be around. Highly recommended!
  • Cherry Wong

    8 months ago
    I have been training with FitnessArt for 8 months now and she is awesome! I'm so happy I've found her as my Fitness Trainer, her sessions are perfect fit for me. Since I started training with FitnessArt, I've lost weight, I feel fit again, I train smarter and I've learnt so much about health and fitness. I would recommend any new mum out there to train with FitnessArt. Her sessions are so much fun! She is supportive, positive, professional and encouraging.
  • Emily

    9 months ago
    I was suffering from some injuries until I came to FitnessArt. She has helped me go through my rehabilitation along with my regular physiotherapy. She has helped me stay fit and strong while recovering, and continue to progress. FitnessArt is well-qualified to teach and train me to be the best that I can be. Her exercise bank is extensive so that I am never bored with the training. I know that every step that I take and every exercise that I do will improve my quality of life. Many thanks!
  • Lonnie

    10 months ago
    Thanks for the fantastic personal training you've provided over the past months. I've been training for years and putting it bluntly, have probably been wasting a lot of time and effort for marginal affect. Your coaching, introduction to new exercise techniques and dietary advice has meant, I have progressed more in the 1st month than I had done in years. I'm still amazed at being much fitter/stronger in such a short space of time and this was achieved with your tailored training and diet.