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Faithful Moving Service Company

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    Room 903, Yikang Building, Luard Road, Wan Chai

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    Monday to Sunday 8am - 6pm Depending on customer needs, you can work outside normal working hours or nightly

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    15 years

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  • 劉小姐

    4 hours ago

    Late 5 star praise. Throughout the entire process of moving houses, the most successful is to find the loyalty of the removal company. The whole process is very smooth, from quoting, handling, disassembling and reassembling furniture. On the same day, Mr. Liu came to my home with four brothers and five people. He had picked up a number of cartons, more than a dozen pieces of furniture, and many more and more silent items. He did not need to move to a new home in the same district for more than one hour. The team is very understanding, and many places do not have to be accounted for. After working hard and seeing that the family has “old ones”, they will immediately know what they are doing and they are very accountable, and they are very careful when disassembling and assembling the furniture, and the work division is very clear, so they are very efficient, neat, and clean. Garbage left over from the old and new homes was also noticed that the carts and other tools used by them were very clean and tidy, and there was no need to worry about dirty furniture. In addition, Liu Sheng is very good, even if the schedule is almost full, but also try his best to meet the requirements of customers. Thanks to the help of Liu Sheng and his brothers and sisters, the pain of moving houses was relieved. This is a good removal company that pays a fair price and pays for 12 minutes. Will definitely recommend it to other good friends.

  • Wai Lam

    2 days ago

  • 严华

    7 days ago

    Master is very careful, very serious and good service attitude

  • Andrew Lam

    8 days ago


  • 陳穎正

    9 days ago

    I am very fortunate to have encountered such a natural and intimate professional moving house. It is highly recommended!!

  • chrisokok

    9 days ago

    Reliable service. Eager to help out