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    Flat b 11/f ,Winning Centre 46-48 wyndham street, central

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  • Frankie

    11 days ago

    Department of PIT STOP met CHARLIE, Department of TRAINING to see me quickly to improve the problem, then recommend me than the left. I'll try the canal. I've been bothered by the difficulties of the left. I've estimated that there will be improvements in the next few months. I will work harder.

  • Summer

    11 days ago

    Highly recommend Bill to all of you. He is professional. His attitude made me feel motivate.

  • Vicky

    11 days ago

    I recommend Croco as a personal trainer as he trains not only towards building strong muscles, but also your mind. Body building is not only about how heavy a weight you can lift in the gym, it is also your will to pursue your goal. Croco is an excellent motivator to help you maintain this will power and achieve your goals.

  • James

    11 days ago

    Unlike other FITNESS companies, the concept is special.

  • Amanda

    11 days ago

    high privacy and comfortable environment for work out!! Love it.

  • Kenson

    11 days ago

    Nidu was very enthusiastic about the work of the coach. He was very professional in sports training and lacing. He improved a lot in my low back pain problem. The body was both muscular and strengthening, and it made me tired of my work.