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  • Skin Treatment (for men)
  • Body Care Treatment
  • Facial (for men)
  • Acne Treatment
  • Mole Removal
  • Facial
  • Hair Removal


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  • Pang Siyu

    2 years ago

  • Sandy

    2 years ago

    Professional skin analysis, so long ago until someone told me the exact problem of their own skin, but at the same time carefully to take care of home care. After the first treatment, the skin has obviously improved, and the makeup is also very good. It seems that once a lot of skin care products have been injected into the skin in one go, it's too scary, we might as well try

  • Kelvin

    2 years ago

    Before it was done in other famous beauty salons, it was true that time traveller had the best effect and the fees were reasonable.

  • Tsai

    2 years ago

    Professional advice and treatments with amazingly obvious results. My skin has been greatly improved.