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    Room B, 10th Floor, Garfield Building, 130 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (3 minutes walk from Exit D of Jordan MTR Station)

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    5 years

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  • 美國瑜伽聯盟認證200小時導師培訓

  • 美國瑜伽聯盟認證100小時產前、主動分娩、產後瑜伽導師培訓

  • 美國瑜伽聯盟認證 95小時兒童瑜珈導師培訓

  • 美國瑜伽聯盟認證25小時宇宙瑜珈導師培訓

  • 美國瑜伽聯盟認證18小時泰式瑜伽按摩治療導師培訓

  • 澳洲瑜伽治療師協會認證100小時瑜伽治療師培訓

  • 國際瑜伽聯盟認證50小時陰瑜伽導師培訓

  • 108小時Navakarana實用練習教師培訓

  • 95小時基督瑜珈導師培訓

  • 78小時瑜伽流:高級後彎及倒轉研究坊

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  • Yoga Lesson

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  • Does my muscle need to be soft to do yoga?

  • Yoga is a feminized movement?

  • Yoga involves religion?

  • Is yoga hurt?

  • What age group is best for yoga?

  • Is there any exercise habit in itself that does not require yoga?

  • Do guests need to prepare any information or things beforehand?



Overall Rating


  • Vivian Chang

    last month

    Angie explains very clearly and pays attention to our safety as much as possible to teach us a lot of movement carefully and tenderly :) The environment is very comfortable and clean. One hour of yoga class makes us comfortable to relax shoulders and other places to stretch a lot of look forward to the next class ~

  • Jasmine Lee

    2 months ago

    A good understanding of the needs of beginners, the action will not be difficult but still able to exercise and treat the body properly. The environment is comfortable, clean and neat, just a bit small. The mentor is very kind and feels very easy to get along with.

  • Man Hin

    2 months ago

    Friendly, friendly, professional, and patience, the atmosphere is relaxed and very worth recommending!

  • Ethan Hung

    2 months ago

    How good is it?