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    Drum: San Po Kong (Near Diamond Hill MTR Station) Piano: Ma On Shan (near Dashuikang Station)

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    5 years

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  • Wong Yung

    4 months ago

  • Ms Wong

    7 months ago

    The teacher’s attitude is professional and his speech is easy to understand. He has seen the progress of two children in just over nine months. The teacher is taught in a game style with a relaxed atmosphere. After the class, the children will bring up the fun of the class. In addition, teachers will also prepare different teaching materials based on their level and interests and increase their interest in learning. Thank you very much for your teacher's teaching!

  • Katherine

    7 months ago

    Experienced and responsible teacher. My kid always looks forward to the lesson. Recommended.

  • Hin

    8 months ago

    With the left Miss Ma for a year, the canal was taught with good intentions. Before he had taught several ahs, he learned how to teach the system. After the Miss Ma, he found out that he needed to understand the needs of the students and each of them would push me. Trying to play with the same style of play. I recently passed the 8th grade exam. Que Zuoxiong encouraged me a lot and taught me how to spot Jam would be nice. It would have been shocked to death..... Lucky Lot has the support to me to successfully complete the exam ☺️ Thanks !