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  • Hair Treatment
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  • Zoe FU

    2 months ago

    The results of the expulsion are somewhat different from my imagination, but they are both serious and concise.

  • Elaine Tang

    3 months ago

    Very careful and professional, will give me advice before making an appointment. She was very satisfied with the excursions and felt bad hair after electrocution.

  • YukiWaib Chan

    3 months ago

    Master Perry is very professional. He made full progress with me. The attitude is cordial, and there are any questions to answer you. The staff has a good attitude and I have the opportunity to help you.

  • ariel tse

    5 months ago

    Very good service, thank you 👍🏼

  • andy yu

    7 months ago

  • Sandy Wong

    7 months ago

    Good attitude, good professionalism.