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  • Momo de Film

    Momo de Film

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    6 個評價香港-西營盤

    Momo de film / A frame of memory We capture the image you love... Our service covers photography ,Videography, Makeup and Hair styling for Prewedding, Wedding day, Family, Pregnancy & Event https://www.facebook.com/momodefilm http://www.momodefilm.com/ Contact Detail: Tel / Whatsapp : 5621 4536 Wechat : momodefilm E-Mail: momodefilm@hotmail.com

  • Rowena Gonzales

    Rowena Gonzales

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    2 個評價九龍-尖沙咀

    Liquid Interiors Limited is a healthy and eco conscious interior design studio based in Hong Kong. Our interiors are designed to inspire, to be eco friendly and improve health. Our team is equipped with LEED AP’s, designers and strategic partners who design and execute green residential and commercial spaces to certification level. We work with LEED® ID+C, BEAM Plus and WELL® Building standards and specialize in creative design for hospitality, show flats, residential development and innovative workplaces. We offer 360 degrees eco interior design service from concept to completion. A lush, beautiful and sustainable world for future generations is within

  • 陳思樺


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    1 個評價九龍-尖沙咀

    本人中學時期開始教導小提琴, 現已有十年經驗, 學生由三歳到成人, 初級到八級. 也在中小學教過集體班. 很多教過的學生都在皇家試考得優良的成績.

  • Kumi


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    10 個評價九龍-觀塘

    I am Kumi. I have six years experience in nail service. I was working in chain nail salons and now I am a freelance nail artist. If you’re tired of work or bother to hang out, let's get your perfect manicure and pedicure in your comfy home. I treat your hands and nails as carefully as you treat your face. Friends gathering are always welcome. I can serve the eve of marriage, sisters gathering or anything else. Every single piece of nail is tailor-made, including size fit and style. My nail service is available and suitable for a variety of

  • Alex Leung

    Alex Leung

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    16 個評價新界-西貢

    憑著多年攝影、攝錄工作經驗及專業器材, 本人除了拍攝婚禮外, 亦為多間公司拍攝開幕、宣傳活動等. 本人憑著對攝影的熱誠及真誠態度服務每位客人, 務求令每位客人將所有珍貴難忘的一刻都一一記低.

  • Yoko


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    5 個評價香港-大坑

    ♡jeanbearyo™ 寵物保姆服務是提供專業上門寵物保姆服務, 我們的專業寵物保姆擁有超過20年的照顧家養或流浪動物經驗, 曾是寵物美容師及獸醫助護, 也曾於某非牟利動物機構工作。我們另一宗旨, 是希望透過寵物保姆服務, 能令動物與人類好好共存, 做到社區共融, 好好愛護有家或沒家的動物。

  • Tang Wai Fung Simon

    Tang Wai Fung Simon

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    5 個評價新界-粉嶺

    浸會大學音樂系畢業結他手,八級樂理,八級古典結他,八級電結他及八級bass,ukulele,亦有打譜作曲寫譜服務 10年以上教學經驗, 年齡由5至70歲,部㤋學生已考8級, 婚禮樂隊結他手,樂隊領班以及酒吧樂手,獨立樂隊及session經驗,作曲,打譜經驗 在澳洲大半年期間亦參與合唱團及受邀於馬場,大學表演 擅長pop, classical, blues jazz , ACG, J pop,metal(多種drop turning, nu metal, melodic death to core or metalcore)等多種風格 極強寫及聽譜能力,即聽即寫 粉嶺,土瓜灣和私人上門教授 即興free jam 創作compose 樂理theory 閱譜sight read 節奏rhythm 以至finger style ,flamenco 等 Alexander technique (音樂行內權威彈奏法) 一對一(1至四級) Guitar, Bass , Theory:

  • Maggie Lin

    Maggie Lin

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    4 個評價九龍-觀塘

    Maggie is devoted to cultivating well-being through yoga, mindfulness and sensory experiments. In the past ten years, she began her yoga practice as she retired from semi-professional tennis. She wrote a thesis on yoga, for her Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.), in Anthropology, at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Maggie received her professional yoga teacher training with Janet Lau, and furthered her training to teach yoga for kids with Karen Wightman. She works as a Yoga Therapist at the Hong Kong Pain Medicine Center. She has trained at the Hong Kong Center For Mindfulness; and the Oxford Mindfulness Center in

  • Lazy


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    27 個評價九龍-紅磡

    Lazy是一個完全屬於你的私人助理 我們的使命就是為你處理所有繁複的小事情, 令每天疲於奔命的香港人既可以”Lazy”, 又可以買回屬於自己的寶貴時間 我們提供的服務包括 家務助理 – 家居清㓗, 辦公室請潔, 服務式住宅請潔及吉屋清潔 我們家務助理已經為超過10000名用戶提供服務, 全部經過嚴格挑選, 只有10%人成功被我們取錄, 信心保證! 專業服務 - 上門按摩, 維修・專業清潔, 洗衣, 買餸・煮飯, 託管保姆 哩啲生活上嘅濕碎嘢駛乜自己做, 交俾你嘅私人助理啦! V.I.P. 私人

  • Benny


    3 個評價九龍-鑽石山

    本人姓邱。已修讀室內設計證書課程和設計繪圖軟件Autocad~3d max~Ai~Ps繪畫施工圖~3d效果圖~各類平面和立面室內設計圖~傢私圖~等室內設計工作經驗和證書。亦有裝修~油漆~木工~傢私裝拆等工作經驗。亦有提供訂造傢私~大小裝修工程服務等等。而且設計團隊中。亦有平面設計~珠寶設計等經驗豐富的設計師。亦可隨時約時間提供服務。務求迅速~妥當~用心幫助客戶😉

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