2021 Average Cost for Pet Sitting and Boarding in Singapore

The average cost for pet sitting and boarding is $30. To hire a pet sitter, you are likely to spend between $20 and $50 per hour.

How much does pet grooming cost?

MinimunMaximumAverage$ 20$ 50$ 30

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          How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Pet Sitter in Singapore? The average cost for pet sitting and boarding is $30. To hire a pet sitter, you are likely to spend between $20 and $50 per hour. The price of pet sitting and boarding varies depending on various factors.

          1) What are the costs included for pet daycare, boarding, and sitting?

          The cost of pet boarding, daycare, and sitting depend on a number of factors. Pet sitters usually charge for a fixed number of hours for overnight stays. You might have to pay extra if you need them to bathe and groom your pet.

          Pet daycare and boarding costs depend on the number of days your pets will be staying at the facility, whether your pet needs to be groomed, the type of facilities included, and whether your pets will be taking meals from the facility itself.

          2) What are the additional costs that may be incurred when your pet is at a boarding facility?

          In most cases, once you pay the required fee, there will be no additional costs. The only time you will be charged an additional fee would be if your pet requires sudden emergency care or medications.

          3) How can we save money on pet boarding?

          3.1) Choose reasonably priced facilities with necessary facilities

          While you may want to give your pets the very best when you are away from them, it can burn a hole in your pocket. Many pet boarding services are way overpriced and charge higher rates for even the most basic facilities. Understand that hygiene, routine, and safety are three of the most important factors you should look for in a boarding facility. Your pet should be comfortable with the surroundings, other pets, and people. Anything else is simply unnecessary. So, choose the facilities that have these basic facilities and save big.

          3.2) Prepare your pet's meals and send it in with them

          Many pet boarding facilities charge extra if they have to feed your pets from their stock. You can avoid this by simply preparing frozen meals. This will not only save you some money but will also be better for your pets and avoid them from falling ill.

          3.3) You can leave them with friends or relatives

          If you find that you cannot afford to pay for pet boarding, then you can always ask for help. See whether a friend or relative might be willing to take care of your little furball for a couple of days. If they have pets, you can offer to return the favor.

          3.4) Make sure to plan properly

          Trying to narrow down an affordable pet boarding service at the last minute will not work out, and you might not be able to consider all your best options. Try to plan your pet's stay as early as possible and explore all possible options.

          Are you looking for a safe and comfortable place to board your dog? Having difficulty choosing the best for your pet? Ask all the right questions and compare the different prices to come up with the best pet boarding facility for your beloved fur kid.

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          • Charles Lin
            April 8, 2024

            Very good. Attentive and my cat is in good spirit on our return. 哈哈 does beyond what is asked for and very pleasant too to chat to.

          • Tabo Pat
            November 13, 2023


          • Zhouyy
            October 20, 2023


          • Jojo
            October 20, 2023


          • Elaine X
            October 2, 2023

            Sherry 好有愛心,每日準時上門幫手照顧兩個逆子😂😂調皮搗蛋,但係 Sherry 好有耐心。由於逆子日日拆屋,搞到七國甘亂,好彩 Sherry 唔介意主動幫手收拾埋戰場。逆子都很喜歡 Sherry。

          • Wang dai
            September 29, 2023


          Actual Pet Sitting and Boarding Requests

          • "Pet Hotel for doggies"



            How many pets do you have?3
            What breed is your pet?Other: Poodle
            When do you need the pet sitter to provide his/her service?Other: 7-8/7/2018
          • "Cheap pet sitting services"


            Pasir Ris

            When do you need the pet sitter to provide his/her service?Other: 25-31/7/2018
            How many pets do you have?1
            How much does your pet weigh4.1KG - 6KG
          • "Experienced pet sitter needed"



            How many pets do you have?2
            When do you need the pet sitter to provide his/her service?Other: 14-18/7/2018
            How much does your pet weigh4.1KG - 6KG

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