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Do you find yourself in need of a helping hand at home? A part time maid is what you need.

A part-time maid who can come and do the household work weekly or as and when required would takes care of a host of jobs from cleaning a house, to looking after children, and even cooking food.

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  • Comfort Keepers
    Comfort Keepers is a company dedicated to providing premium care for the elderly and those who need assistance in daily living. Their professional, compassionate and hard-working caretakers are committed to making the lives of their clients better, providing them with the care and help they need in the comfort of their own homes.
    If you wish to live in a cleaner home that is well-maintained but does not have the time or the required skills to do the job yourself, is the perfect solution for you. Through them, you can hire reliable and trustworthy part time maids who will take care of house cleaning whether it’s sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, ironing, taking the garbage out, or more.
  • Maids R Us
    Founded by Graham, who moved to Singapore from the UK, this home assistance company have been helping hundreds of individuals and families, especially expats, by providing them with reliable domestic help. Having worked a corporate job for years, Graham makes customer satisfaction a priority.
  • MopSquad
    Providing various home assistance and cleaning services including home cleaning, commercial cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning, carpet cleaning, stone and tile cleaning, MopSquad is more than just a maid agency. Plus, it offers customized services according to your needs.
  • make it easy and simple to find the perfect maid or part-time helper Singapore has to offer. All you have to do is post your requirements on the platform, search through the database where hundreds of domestic helpers have uploaded their profiles, interview the candidates of your choice and select the best one! Applications and documentations are even done through email or WhatsApp.
  • Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping
    Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping Svcs is one of the best and most affordable domestic help providers in Singapore. It is more than just a maid agency for those who require a domestic helper; it focuses on building a positive professional relationship with its clients.
  • Absolute Cleaning
    A maid agency Singapore residents have gone to for help when they are in need of a domestic helper, Absolute Cleaning has been in service for years. Passionate about helping you and your family live in clean, dust-free and germ-free homes, their professional cleaners will not disappoint.
  • Greenland Cleaning
    For Singapore residents looking for a maid to help with cleaning their homes, Greenland Cleaning offers multiple options you can choose from. With services like one-time house cleaning, weekly house cleaning, spring cleaning, office cleaning, ironing of clothes and various other you can choose from, they are a premium maid agency.
  • SG House Cleaning
    SG House Cleaning Service is a reliable and trusted professional cleaning service provider for residential properties in Singapore. Whether you wish to clean your apartment before moving in, or moving out (tenancy cleaning service), a weekly house cleaning, a domestic helper or any other kind of cleaning service in Singapore, SG House Cleaning Service is your go-to place.
  • Mrs. Sparkles
    Since 1996, Mrs. Sparkles has been providing professional cleaning services to hundreds of Singapore homes. With honesty, dedication, and hard-work as its core values, the family-owned company will leave your home spotless.
  • Auntie Cleaner
    If you’re looking for a maid or part-time helper Singapore can offer to clean your house or are looking for office cleaning services, then you don’t have to look any further than Mrs. Sparkles. With their different packages that are tailored to suit your various requirements, they are a highly versatile and reliable maid agency in Singapore.
  • Home Cleanz
    Home Cleanz offers all kinds of cleaning and laundry services to suit your requirements and keep your house sparkling clean and fresh. Since its conception in 2004, it has provided domestic workers Singapore residents greatly benefited from. Book their services and see for yourself!
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    Part Time Maid Average Cost

    Part Time Maid cost table
    How do we get this data? Toby collects the quotations for the projects that are completed. We also actively conduct cost surveys with our network of pros with regard to the services they provide. After compiling and organizing, we report this data back to you as a cost guidance on your next project. DISCLAIMER: The price range published by Toby is a estimate only and is not indicative of what you will be charged by the pro. Please note that your project cost will vary based on the scope of the service that will be provided.

    Actual Part-time Maid Requests

    • "Looking for Cleaning Services"


      What kind of home assistance services are you looking for?Cleaning and laundry
      How long do you expect the home assistant to work?3-5 hours
      Is there anything else you would like to tell our Pros?I will provide all necessary tools and products. The helper just need to show up.
    • "Babysitter Assistant"

       Hillview Avenue

      What kind of home assistance services are you looking for?Cooking and babysitting
      How long do you expect the home assistant to work?10am-5pm
      Is there anything else you would like to tell our Pros?I would like the assistant to pick up my daughter from kindergarten at noon and prepare lunch and dinner for the family.
    • "Help with Housework"


      What kind of home assistance services are you looking for?Housework
      How long do you expect the home assistant to work?Once per week
      Is there anything else you would like to tell our Pros?I have a kitten at home, please be careful with the cleaning

    About Part time maid Singapore / Part time cleaning services / Local part time maid Singapore / Part-time maid Agency / Local part time maid / Freelance Part time maid

    General service info

    A maid is one who works at homes and takes care of a host of jobs from cleaning a house, to looking after children, and even cooking food. Depending on the need of the homeowners, maids can provide various services to take care of the home. While some would employ a full-time paid, most people do not need someone working full-time. They would prefer to use the services of a part-time maid who can come and do the cleaning work weekly or as and when required. Employing a part-time maid can be very useful for a household as the maid would take care of routine chores. 

    How much do I need to pay for part-time maid services?

    The services of part-time maid Singapore vary from provider to provider. Usually, fees are charged for work done, which is for three or four hours at a time. During this time, the maid would carry out a complete cleaning of the house. You may need to pay SGD 70 to 90 for one cleaning session of around four hours, which is around SDG17/hour.  Packages are also offered by agencies where they charge around SGD 230 to 260 per month for four cleaning sessions of 3-4 hours each.

    Who is a part-time maid?

    Part-time maid in Singapore is a maid who provides mainly cleaning services in a home. These maids work on a part-time basis, i.e.: they do not work full time at a house. They work in different houses, doing cleaning and other jobs at these houses. This allows them to do more work and earn more. For a householder, employing a full-time maid involves more expenses. When there is no regular work, it makes sense to use the services of a part-time maid.

    What are the services provided by part-time maids?

    When you use the services of part-time maid Singapore, you can mainly get your house cleaning done effectively. These maids do house cleaning work almost every day and are hence proficient in it. They know precisely how to keep a house spic and span. They clean the entire house from the rooms to the kitchen and the bathroom. They can even empty the rubbish bin and also do ironing and laundry work. Some maids provide babysitting services and also take care of the sick. Even cooking services can be availed from maids.

    Should I go through an agency to get a maid?

    To get a part-time maid Singapore you can contact an agent who will have many maids listed with them. They would depute the maids to carry out the cleaning at your house. In return for this, they would charge a fee for providing the services (However, with HelloToby, there's no agency fee will be charged!).

    What if my item(s) go missing or are damaged?

    It is better to keep all your valuables safely while professional cleaners are in your home doing their job. But in case of any loss or damage, make sure you notify the company within 24 hours. Some of them will reimburse you up to a fixed amount, but always ask them their policy beforehand.

    How often do you need to use cleaning services?

    If any unforeseen circumstance arises and you have to change the date you have already booked for cleaning, make sure to call them a few days in advance and ask if you can postpone your date. The company will most likely be able to accommodate your request.

    How often do you need to use cleaning services?

    Most part-time maid Singapore provide cleaning services weekly. Usually, that would be sufficient to take care of the complete cleaning of the home. Some houses even avail of fortnightly services. You can, of course, even use their services twice a week or more, depending on your needs. If you are ready to take care of regular cleaning and only need help for spring cleaning, you can even do that. One time cleaning services are also available if you need them.

    Why hire a part-time maid?

    A part-time maid Singapore would be handy for a house as the maid would take care of the entire cleaning work. Cleaning is a tiring job, and many people don’t like to do it. In some homes, both husband and wife would be working and won’t have time to clean or are too tired to do it. For them, hiring a part-time maid to do cleaning makes sense. The advantage is that you can avail of the cleaning service as when you want. You only need to pay when the cleaning service is used; there is no need to pay a monthly salary. You can always change the maid if you are not happy with the services. These are the reasons why hiring a part-time maid is worth it.

    Do you provide part time maid monthly package or part time maid on daily basis?

    In Toby, you can find part time maid that fits your needs. No matter you are looking for a temporary maid for 3 months, a freealnce part time maid or part time maid on monthly/daily basis, you can find the best fit in Toby. Answer a few questions, and those part time maids who can fit your needs will send you a quote instantly!

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