2021 Average Cost for Wedding Hair and Makeup in Singapore

The average cost for wedding hair and makeup artist is $500. To complete a wedding hairstyle and makeup project, you are likely to spend between $400 and $1,000 per project.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Wedding Make Up Artist in Singapore?

MinimumMaximumAverage$ 400$ 1,000$ 500

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Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost details

Is your wedding day coming near? Are you confused about finding the best hair and makeup artist for your big day? Let's compare and choose from among the best wedding hair and makeup services in Singapore.

1) What are the factors that affect the prices of bridal hair and makeup packages?

The basic factors that influence the bridal hair and makeup cost include the cost of the makeup products, the expertise of the artists, the number of artists involved, the extent of makeup, and the hourly rates of artists.

Bridal makeup is usually a bit on the pricier side since makeup products can be very expensive. This combined with the expertise of your makeup artists make it a slightly expensive service.

2) What are the additional costs in bridal makeup?

Additional costs would depend on whether or not you need the makeup artists to travel to your place. Usually traveling makeup artists tend to charge higher than those who are employed by agencies.

3) What can we do to save money on wedding makeup?

Although bridal makeup is expensive, you cannot afford to be stingy since it is one of the biggest and most special days of your life. Instead, you can find ways to reduce the expenses involved in a few simple tips.

3.1) Keep your skin healthy

The best way to cut down on bridal makeup expenses is to keep your skin healthy during the weeks leading up to the big day. Take excellent care of your skin by following a proper beauty routine and a healthy diet. Every bride wants to look ethereal and have glowing skin on their wedding day. It is best to achieve this as naturally as possible. If your skin is healthy and fresh, you can easily opt for basic makeup packages. This will be easier on your skin too rather than suffocating it with a lot of makeup.

3.2) Bring your own makeup products

There are two advantages to this. Firstly, it will reduce your makeup costs by a large factor, and it is also better to use products that your skin is already familiar with. Makeup products are one of the largest cost factors in bridal makeup and using your own makeup products can help you save some money on your bridal makeup.

3.3) Choose makeup artists who are closer to you

Independent makeup artists tend to charge for their travel. For this reason, it is better to choose an artist who lives nearby or to use a makeup artist who is employed by an agency. This way you can save on travel expenses and also arrange for pre-wedding consultations whenever necessary.

3.4) Plan ahead

Trying to choose the perfect wedding hair and makeup service during the eleventh hour means you will end up with having to pay higher rates for a service you are not quite sure of. In order to avoid this, it is better to plan your bridal makeup routine at least a month ahead of your actual wedding date. This gives you more than enough time to select from the best and also to choose the style that suits you perfectly. After all, no bride wants nothing less than perfect on their big day.

Consider all your options and make an informed decision.

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Actual Wedding Makeup Artists Requests

  • "Wedding makeup artists needed"


    Boon Lay

    At what occasion do you need this wedding day hair and makeup service?Throughout the whole day of the wedding
    How many people require the hair and makeup service?Just myself
    What is your preferred makeup style?Other: Glamorous and bold
  • "Wedding makeup for bridesmaid and bride"



    At what occasion do you need this wedding day hair and makeup service?Before leaving home on wedding day; On wedding registration day
    How many people require the hair and makeup service?2-4 others
    What is your preferred makeup style?Other: Pink Romantic
  • "Korean Wedding Makeup"



    At what occasion do you need this wedding day hair and makeup service?Only at the dinner of the wedding day
    How many people require the hair and makeup service?2-4 others
    What is your preferred makeup style?Other: Smoky eyes

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