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  • International Mandarin Pte Ltd
    (6 Reviews)
    Learning a new language can be quite a challenge. Over the past few years,we tailor curriculum to help students attain some of the best scores in their exams. We work with students from local schools, international schools and fortune 500 companies.
  • Stanford Language Centre
    Established in 1988, Stanford Language Centre started as a purely Mandarin coaching center. Over the years, it has expanded its tuition services to multiple languages. It focuses on innovative teaching methods for its Mandarin classes that deviate from traditional methods. They provide both 1-on-1 sessions and group classes.
  • inlingua School of Languages
    inlingua is one of the oldest language tutoring centers in Singapore. First started in 1972, the service offers both part-time and full-time courses to both children and grown-ups. They conduct tuitions on both group and individual level and also provide training to company staff. With over thousands of students, inlingua is one of the best language services in the country.
  • Han Hai Language Studio
    Han Hai Language Studios not only provides Chinese Language classes but also has an exhaustive list of other Chinese tutoring services such as Chinese culture education, Chinese calligraphy classes, Chinese singing mentoring along with private and corporate Chinese education programs.
  • School of Language Intl.
    School of Language International offers classes in multiple languages such as English and Chinese. They provide coaching for both speaking and professional Chinese language examinations. They provide learning programs and customized lessons for kids, grown-ups and the corporate sector.
  • echineselearning
    eChinese Learning is one of the world’s most popular online Chinese mentoring service. They provide excellent language education at affordable rates. All of their sessions are conducted on an on-to-one basis over video. This individualized approac...
  • lindamandarin
    Linda Mandarin provides top-notch courses in Mandarin that can customized according to the needs to the student. Their tailored course-work is designed for flexibility and continuous progress. Their teams of teachers possess years of experience on...
  • chineseedge
    Established in 2005 Chinese Edge has helped more than 10,000 students in China and Singapore to master Mandarin. Often considered incredibly difficult, their adaptive and innovative course design makes it easy for even the newcomers to pick up con...
  • yi mandarin
    Located on Orchard Road, Yi Mandarin provides a comprehensive Mandarin teaching service that encompasses all levels of course in varying difficulty. Their classes either take place in small groups or on one-to-one basis to ensure a stimulating env...
  • italki
    iTalki has a unique and innovative system for selecting the right Chinese teacher and scheduling classes according to the preference of the student. They provide one of the best one-on-one classes in Singapore. They provide classes in multiple cat...
  • Elite Linguistic Network
    Presenting itself as a boutique for Chinese language and culture education, Elite Linguistic Network provides a diverse range of services in Chinese such as coaching for beginners, multinational companies, government agencies and candidates of all...
  • hua
    Hua takes a specialized approach to teaching Chinese incorporating brain science, child psychology and linguistics to teach young children mandarin and other Chinese languages. Established in 1992, Hua has a long history of providing one of the be...
  • Spring International
    Spring College was established in 2001 and provides a wide range of certified education courses and degrees. They have an extensive Mandarin course which includes conversation coaching, reading & writing, Business course in Mandarin and a general ...
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 321 reviews
    Sep 16 2022

    Miss Chong is a patient teacher. My son loves her lessons!

    Aug 06 2022


    Jul 27 2022

    I can feel her enthusiasm from her teaching.

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    Chinese Tutoring Average Cost

    Chinese Tutoring cost table
    How do we get this data? Toby collects the quotations for the projects that are completed. We also actively conduct cost surveys with our network of pros with regard to the services they provide. After compiling and organizing, we report this data back to you as a cost guidance on your next project. DISCLAIMER: The price range published by Toby is a estimate only and is not indicative of what you will be charged by the pro. Please note that your project cost will vary based on the scope of the service that will be provided.

    Actual Chinese Tutoring Requests

    • "Mandarin speaking and comprehension"

       Tanjong Rhu

      What content of Chinese tutoring do you want to include?Listening, Speaking, and Integrated Skills
      Are you a student or parent?Student
      What aspects would you like the Chinese tutor to cover?Mandaring speaking, business Chinese
    • "Chinese Reading and Writing"


      Are you a student or parent?Parent
      How old is the student?13
      What aspects would you like the Chinese tutor to cover?Reading and writing skills to prepare for school exams
    • "Mandarin Tutoring"

      Suntec City

      Are you a student or parent?Parent
      Purpose of attending classes:Preparing for other overseas exam
      What aspects would you like the Chinese tutor to cover?Basic vocabulary for daily conversation in Mandarin. My sons are native English speakers and cannot speak or write Chinese.

    About Chinese Tutoring & Chinese Tutor

    General service info

    Chinese languages such as Mandarin and Cantonese are the most popular languages in the entire world. Singapore itself has such rich Chinese presence and culture and collaborates routinely with Chinese businesses and organizations. The language has not only made its presence in the international linguistic community but is also establishing dominance in the professional and academic environment. Under such circumstances, it has become extremely important to gain mastery over the language and these tutoring services in Singapore can help you do just that. Apart from the utility of the language, China has a rich and substantial culture filled with literature, arts and music. Learning Chinese can help us understand and appreciate their culture even more.

    Chinese Tutor Hourly Rate

    The costs of home tutors for pre-schoolers can go from $15 to $50 per hour depending on the experience of the teacher. The rates of lower primary are marginally lower than that of the upper primary with most institutions charging somewhere close to $10 - $25 per hour. It increases to $15 to $30 for upper primary classes.

    All you need to do is answer a few simple questions, compare the prices of various services and make a choice from the best Chinese learning programs.

    How long does it take to find the right & good Chinese tutor?

    Before the days of the online platform and automated software, finding the right teacher was about trial and error and experience. However, today with automated database and continuously accessible online platforms, finding the right teacher can take from 2 to 5 hours. In order to shorten the search time even further, parents and students can analyze and make a note of the various strengths and weaknesses in their language skills. If one is a complete newcomer to the Chinese language, then one can find basic courses and classes almost instantly.

    What are the potential sources of additional costs?

    While most of the course work and guidance will be taken care of by the teachers in tuition centers and private mentors, costs of additional resources such as textbooks, stationery, and traveling costs among others must be fulfilled by the parents of the students. Other than the ones mentioned above other possible areas of expenditure can come in the form of extra classes or extended coaching hours for special students, special training sessions such confidence-boosters and stress-busters, extra and repeat tests, taking additional course material and taking on multiple subjects.

    How do chinese tutoring services usually charge?

    Most tutors who are employed by such services are extremely qualified (NIE / MOE – trained) and hence usually charge on an hourly basis. Certain teachers attain specialization in Chinese such as post-graduate degrees and as such might charge higher than other typical tutors. Most tutoring services, be it private or center-based, operate on a contractual basis where teachers are taken on for a fixed period of time. Various policies such as those concerning cancellation of classes, refund of fees, the frequency of payments, payment options and scholarships, and other financial processes change from organization to organization. Added to this, there are two significant deciders to the cost of tuition. First is the presence of an agent or a middle man and second is the medium of communication. An agent usually charges a fixed percentage of the fee of the first month. Today with the establishment of online portals most agents and middlemen can be easily bypassed. The communication matters significantly as courses and classes delivered online are significantly cheaper than those in physical centers or with home tutors. Most contracts are long-term and have very stringent refund policies. Hence, it is advised to go through the terms and conditions very carefully.

    Who can become a tutor at such teaching services?

    Most of the academic tutoring services and agencies in Singapore thoroughly assess and vet their candidates before they can become tutors. For language studies, tutors of different classes like primary, secondary and junior college might have different requirements in terms of their qualification and experience. They are assessed on their educational qualifications and certifications, years of experience, attitude with children and subject specializations. As far as the Chinese language is concerned, tuition institutes mainly look for graduate and post-graduate degrees in Chinese language studies. Additionally, if the teacher is from Mainland China, they have a higher chance of getting selected. Specifically, Chinese speaking teachers with NIE and MOE training and experience and always in demand in such services. Academic services today are getting more and more automated that maintain detailed records of each and every teacher who are then accurately paired with corresponding students. With the growing popularity of Chinese as an international language more and more enterprising students and professionals are learning the language through these professional teaching services.

    Do Chinese tuition centers provide their own course materials?

    Most language tuition centers plan and formulate training materials according to their syllabus. They usually provide training materials to all their students, the cost of which is usually included in the fee. However, additional textbooks and reference books are often required in advanced language courses which must be procured by the students themselves.

    Are Chinese online home lessons available? Can they be utilized in groups?

    Most home teaching sessions in Singapore offer the Chinese language as one of the subjects to both group and solo sessions according to the comfort of the student and the parents. However, there are not many services that allow groups of parents or students to customize the student groups. The groups are either created randomly or based on skill and language proficiency. Chinese tuitions can also be categorized based on the skill that is taught. Spoken Chinese classes may have separate groups than Chinese calligraphy or singing classes.

    Is it vital to stick to their plan?

    Professional tutoring services consist of experiences MOE and NIE trained teachers who can understand the various strengths and weaknesses of each individual student. The course or goal-plan that they prescribe caters to the unique needs of the student. Hence, it is strongly advised to never deviate from the prescribed action-plan.

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