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Featured Singapore Home Tutors

  • International Mandarin Pte Ltd
    (6 Reviews)
    Learning a new language can be quite a challenge. Over the past few years,we tailor curriculum to help students attain some of the best scores in their exams. We work with students from local schools, international schools and fortune 500 companies.
  • With over 20,000 teachers and former MOE educators, My School Teacher brings the services of a professional coaching service directly to the student’s home. They provide customized study plans and goal-sheets for each student along with conducting sessions for reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Famous for their tailored services, Nanyang Academics is one of the top tutoring services in Singapore. They have over 8,000 teachers in their service and have been mentioned often in the Straits Times and Channel 8 News. Their specialty relies upon their MOE and NIE-trained tutors in every subject who are trained for all levels and classes.
  • smiletutor
    Smile Tutor is a free student to tutor matching service operating in Singapore. They are bypassing the time-consuming process of manually finding the right tutor through their automated technologies. By capturing the needs of the student and the i...
  • zhoustudio
    Z Hou Studio is one of the leading home tutoring services in Singapore. They provide tutors for both primary and secondary in a variety of subjects like Chinese, reading and writing, comprehension and other literacy programs among others. All of t...
  • acetutors
    Ace Tutors is one of the most advanced tutor matching services in Singapore. They provide a seamless and easy-to-use online portal where all you need to do is enter your location and requirements, the portal automatically lists out a number of ava...
  • The Raffles Trust School
    The Raffles Trust School is one of the most prestigious tuition centers in Singapore. They conduct weekly coaching classes in multiple subjects. One of their key features is that they conduct their tuitions in small and concentrated classrooms. Th...
  • Penciltutor School
    Established in 2002 Penciltutor provides coaching for subjects such as English, Maths, Social Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Geography, History, and Principles of Accounts. They provide classes for Primary, Sec1 and Sec2 levels. Th...
  • Distinction Tutorial School
    Distinction Tutorial School offers tutorial programs for primary, secondary and junior college levels. Their methods are purely study-centric and many of their graduates have won scholarships from reputed institutes from local and foreign universi...
  • Tamilcube
    Tamilcube is one of the first Tamil education centers in Singapore. They teach tamil language through a set of educational games. By gamification of lessons they ensure that their students stay engaged and learn at a fast pace. They have various c...
  • Ann Tutor
    Ann Tutors provides home schooling services in Singapore for primary and secondary school levels. They provide classes in English, Maths and Science. They also have a dedicated team for international students who wish to take up the AEIS Singapore...
  • tutorchen
    Founder of the Future Academy, Tutor Chen works with MOE schools and IP school teachers to provide high-quality education in the fields of Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Chinese. They provide tuitions for primary, secondary and junior colle...
  • Tuition Lab
    Tuition Lab is a professional tuition service company in Singapore that has been registered by the ACRA. They employ a state of the art tutor matching service and can find both private and home tutors. They provide for all academic levels and for ...
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 472 reviews
    May 03 2023


    Sep 16 2022

    Miss Chong is a patient teacher. My son loves her lessons!

    Aug 06 2022


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    Home Tuition Average Cost

    Home Tuition cost table
    How do we get this data? Toby collects the quotations for the projects that are completed. We also actively conduct cost surveys with our network of pros with regard to the services they provide. After compiling and organizing, we report this data back to you as a cost guidance on your next project. DISCLAIMER: The price range published by Toby is a estimate only and is not indicative of what you will be charged by the pro. Please note that your project cost will vary based on the scope of the service that will be provided.

    Actual Home Tuition Requests

    • "Tutors with degree needed"


      You areTutor Centre
      Which medium of instruction from the tutor do you want?English
      Purpose of attending classes:Improve Academic Performance at school
    • "Home Tuition for junior secondary students"


      What is the student's current academic level?S.1 - S.3
      How old is the student?10 - 13 Years Old
      Which medium of instruction from the tutor do you want?English
    • "Improving studying efficiency"


      You areThe Student
      What is the student's current academic level?S.3
      Which medium of instruction from the tutor do you want?Mandarin

    About Home Tuition & Private Tutors

    Are you looking for tuition assignments, English tuition or English tutors in Singapore? All you need to do is answer a few simple questions, compare the prices of various Singapore tuition agencies and make a choice from the best home tuition programs.

    General service info

    In this age of intense academic competition and struggle for university seats, the regular school courses just don’t cut it anymore. Added to this, with the huge student to teacher ratio in your typical schools, students often do not get the attention and support that they deserve. Supplemented mentoring in the form of home tutoring programs and additional coaching classes can help your kids cover the gap and succeed in not only exams but in their career as well.

    A short summary of cost

    The costs of home tutors for pre-schoolers can go from $15 to $50 per hour depending on the experience of the teacher. The rates of lower primary are marginally lower than that of the upper primary with most institutions charging somewhere close to $10 - $25 per hour. It increases to $15 to $30 for upper primary classes. While home tuition is $10 to $20 higher than for secondary level, they are definitely worth it.

    Can it be taken for specific courses and for short durations?

    Most services in Singapore operate on a contractual basis. They have teachers who are specific to each subject and take individual classes. Additionally, if you wish to pay additional focus on a particular subject such as Maths or Physics, then there are subject-specific and specialized home tuition services.

    How are students selected for such tutoring programs?

    While some of the advanced and specialized coaching services conduct their own selection exams, most tutoring services accept examination scores and school records. Added to this, home tuition services are often divided into multiple batches depending on the skills of students. The students are assessed based on a common exam and put into respective batches according to their score.

    Who can become a tutor at such teaching services?

    Most of the home tuition services and tuition agencies in Singapore thoroughly assess and vet their candidates before they can become tutors. They are assessed on their educational qualifications and certifications, years of experience, attitude with children, and subject specializations. Teachers with NIE and MOE training and experience are always in demand. Home tuition services today are getting more and more automated that maintain detailed records of each and every teacher who are then accurately paired with corresponding students.

    How long does it take to find the right tutor in Singapore?

    Before the days of online platforms and automated software, finding the right teacher was about trial and error and experience. However, today with automated database and continuously accessible online platforms, finding the right teacher can take only from 2 to 5 hours. In order to shorten the search time even further, parents can analyze and make a note of the various strengths and weaknesses of their kids.

    How to identify the correct tutor?

    Identifying the correct tutor not only takes the quality of service from the tutoring service provider but also calls for planning and preparation from the parent’s or student’s side. Before enlisting the services of any mentoring program, the student must first understand their own shortcomings and weaknesses. The subjects must be categorized in the order or strengths and comforts. Exam scores can be taken as a reference to get a bigger picture. Subsequently, tutoring services and teachers can be looked-up who possess relevant experience and subject specialization. Added to this, there are times when students may have special needs. There might be conditions such as ADHD or subject-phobia; such conditions call for teachers with special training and as such can be taken up with the tutoring service.

    Will home tutors bring their own training materials?

    Most of the home tuition services in Singapore design their own training materials that contain relevant information and practice exercise. However, they are issued in addition to textbooks and reference books which must be studied as well. Tutoring agencies and home tutors do not usually provide whole textbooks but can give you a list of recommended literature for purchase.

    Are home teaching sessions available for groups?

    Most home teaching sessions in Singapore offer both group and solo sessions according to the comfort of the student and the parents. However, there are not many services that allow groups of parents to customize the student groups. The groups are either created randomly or based on skill.

    Is it vital to stick to the English tutors' plan?

    Professional tutoring services consist of experienced MOE and NIE-trained teachers who can understand the various strengths and weaknesses of each individual student. The course or goal-plan that they prescribe caters to the unique needs of the student. Hence, it is strongly advised to never deviate from the prescribed action-plan.

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