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  • "My laptop has broken and i want the data back, please let me know the price"

    Central - China Town

About Data Recovery Singapore / Data Recovery Service / SSD Data Recovery / Hard disk data recovery / Laptop Data Recovery / Data Recovery Price

Data Recovery services are quite important in today's world. We no longer store information physically; we prefer to do so digitally. However, this digitally stored information is only as secure as the photo album we store in our cupboard. It can get lost, damaged, or otherwise become inaccessible. In such circumstances, we can retrieve our data by engaging the services of a data recovery professional.

Data recovery professionals are trained to restore lost data from damaged/corrupted storage devices. They know just how to get back your data within a short window of time. So if the data you stored for safekeeping has been compromised, you know who to call.

General service info

Will my data be secure? How can I be sure there won’t be a data leak?

Almost all of the services listed above are ISO registered companies which prioritize data safety. We will recover your data, but you can rest ensured that none of this recovered data will be divulged. Data privacy is guaranteed, and nobody but the people involved in the data recovery process has any access to your private data.

How much will data recovery cost?

Every reliable data recovery professional you visit will give you an approximation of how much you may have to spend on the data recovery after they’ve assessed how intricate the job is. The more damaged your data, the more you can expect to pay to retrieve it.

How long does data recovery take?

Now, the answer to this question depends on how soon you want your recovered data. If you want it urgently, you can opt for emergency data recovery services and have your data submitted to you over the course of a day. Generally, data recovery can take from one-two week. If the data recovery work entails working with complicated devices like NAS devices, virtual machines, RAID servers and so forth, it could take longer to recover your data.

What if I want only a portion of my data recovered? Will, it cost less?

The answer is no, it won't. Data recovery charges don't depend on the volume of data i.e. to be recovered. The same amount of work will be required to recover any data. So the volume of the data doesn't really impact the cost of data recovery. You may want a single file or folder that has been lost. However, to get to this file or folder, we will have to recover all your other data as well. We can't singularly recover that one file/folder you seek.

Can you choose the data you recover?

Essentially, you can't. Data recovery includes complete data recovery. However, you do get to specify your priorities so we can focus on those files when we are beginning our data recovery process. The rest you can leave out once the data is in your possession. The data recovery professional will hand you all your lost data. You may choose what to keep and what to discard them.

How do I get my recovered data

Clients usually bring along a new storage device to store their recovered data in.

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