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Electricity system installation or repair, whatever your need - you want electricians who are knowledgeable and experienced. Find a list of reliable electrical service providers in this article to cater to your electricity supply needs.

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Which power engineering services are you looking for?

  • Electricity Inspection
  • Electricity maintenance
  • Fuse Panel Replacement
  • Conduit & Wiring Work
  • Circuit Design
  • Power outage
  • Lighting system failure
  • Socket failure
  • Power switch failure
  • Others (Please Specify)
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Actual Electrical Service Requests

  • "Need to replace my fuse panel"

    Central - Boat Quay

    Where is this Power engineering Service for?Home
    Which power engineering services are you looking for?Fuse Panel Replacement
    What kind of device(s) that requires electricity engineering service?Fusebox
  • "Looking for a reliable electrician for electricity maintenance"

    North East - Punggol

    Where is this Power engineering Service for?Shop
    Which power engineering services are you looking for?Electricity maintenance
    What kind of device(s) that requires electricity engineering service?Lighting system
  • "Looking for electrical service with reasonably price"

    Central - China Town

    Where is this Power engineering Service for?Home
    Which power engineering services are you looking for?Power Outage
    What kind of device(s) that requires electricity engineering service?FElectricity plug and socket

About Electricians Singapore / Electrical Services in Singapore / Electrical Engineering Service / Electrical Service Price

Electrical services is crucial to the modern lifestyle. The modern world can barely function without electricity. All our devices and gadgets are powered by electricity. Electricians are required everytime we purchase and install a new appliance in our house. We need them for light supply. Sometimes we need the electrical systems in our houses to be updated. If there’s a problem in the system, we need this repaired. All of this work is undertaken by electricity engineers. 

Not just on a personal basis but even on a professional basis, we need power systems installed in our offices and factories. Poor electrical systems would hamper our workplace productivity. It would render our devices redundant and we’d be unable to finish our tasks. For this reason and many more, electricity is a basic necessity for contemporary human life. Electrical services is an industry we cannot do without.

General service info

What does electrical service include?

Usually includes: Electrical inspections / Surge protection / Lighting upgrades / Electircal upgrades / Ligting design / Power failure & trip repair / Troubleshooting / Electrical safety inspections / Wiring upgrades / Circuit breaker replacements / Power condidtioners / Rewiring / Preventative maintenance, etc.

Why do you need electrical services?

Electricity engineering services is of utmost necessity in today’s time. Just think of the infrastructure we have nowadays. Everything is made up of electrical components. You could be in need of high voltage electricity systems or emergency power output.

How much power do you require?

The electricity engineering service that you hire will prepare electrical designs which will include lighting, receptacles, mechanical power, panel board schedules, electrical riser diagrams, specifications and construction details. You can avail the services of a licensed professional electrical design engineer who will give you a fair idea of your power needs. Once you have this idea, you can proceed to get your landlord approvals, gauge construction cost and ensure quality workmanship and a smooth construction process.

Do electrical services rewire?

Without a doubt, electrical services also provide rewiring. Old buildings often require rewiring so they can support modern appliances. Fresh new electrical designs can be offered for renovation work including interfacing with your local utility company to get new electricity services.

What is meant by electrical instrumentation service?

Electrical instrumentation includes everything from electrical design, installation and commissioning right to the inspection and maintenance stage. Light and heavy electrical engineering services are made available thanks to a team of experienced engineers who are ever ready to provide robust, cost-effective and flexible electrical projects.

What all makes up electrical design and layout services?

The design and layout of an electric project can make a huge difference. Sometimes these electricity engineering services make use of ECAD engines to connect panel layout, cable block diagrams, terminal diagrams, wiring design tasks and schematic design into one comprehensive whole.

What does PCB design and layout mean?

PCB requirements may indicate designs, layouts, schematic captures, prototype procurement and component footprint capture.

How do you choose the right electrical service?

There are certain qualifications that you can look for to screen electrical services that you hire. The first thing you need to look for is industry experience. Second, you must check whether it’s area of functioning is compliant by industry rules. Look for specific design, re-modeling, maintenance/support, upgrades and conceptualization skills in whichever firm you go on to hire. Training in a couple of the latest electrical software also helps.

What does a basic electricity engineering process consist of?

A regular electricity engineering process consists of three phases – the assessment phase, design and implementation and maintenance/support. The assessment phase is the initial phase which the electricity engineering service uses to examine the operational investment required on part of the client and understand whether the current equipment in their possession is enough to implement their plan of action.

The design and implementation stage is where the electricity engineering service customizes their services according to client specifications. It doesn’t matter whether you need a design consultancy or a comprehensive turn-key solution – the electricity engineering firm can meet all your needs.

The maintenance and support stage comes after project completion. It is when the engineering team remains available to provide any further support or service required.

You need an electrical service. If you want one in Singapore, this list should be able to help you out there. It helps you out regarding the skills and qualifications you should look for in your electrical service provider. Once you’ve found the electricians that meets your needs, you can rest easy. Your electricity and wiring requirements will be taken care of. You can sit back and put your feet up as the electricity engineering company gets to work, first assessing your needs, then assessing their capability of meeting your needs and then finally working towards fulfilling these needs. These providers will usually also let you know how you can go about reducing your electricity consumption by informing you of the appliances that are the most energy-intensive, so you can reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

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