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Handymen are those who help a homeowner in taking care of the minor problems and work that is always there to be done in a house.

Home repairing services- fixing a doorknob, assembling furniture, installing TV brackets, fixing a ceiling fan - all these are small jobs that a handyman services can help with.

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What kind of handyman services are you looking for?

  • Replacement (i.e. door knop / hinge, bedroom door, leaking pipes, etc.)
  • Installation (i.e. pictures / shelves / mirrors / blinds, celling fan / wall-mounted fan, etc.)
  • Assemble furniture
  • Painting Services (per room)
  • Others
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Dec 14 2022


Aug 05 2022

Incredibly unprofessional. Terrible communication, unresponsive, canceled without notifying. DO NOT USE

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Actual Handyman Services Requests

  • "Want a handyman to help replace the bedroom door"


    What kind of handyman services are you looking for?Replace bedroom door
  • "Looking for handyman electrical services in singapore"

     Hillview Avenue

    What kind of handyman services are you looking for?Other Installation: Heater
  • "Help with installation work"


    What kind of handyman services are you looking for?Install TV brackets, Install ceilling fan, Install toilet bowl

About Handyman Singapore / 24 hour handyman / Handyman Services / Home repair services

Handymen are those who help a homeowner in taking care of the minor problems and work that is always there to be done in a house. For example, a leaking tap is a problem that needs to be fixed. If one does not know plumbing trying to replace a tap would be risky. So using the services of a handyman would be better. Similarly, fixing a doorknob, assembling furniture, installing TV brackets, fixing a ceiling fan - all these are small jobs that a homeowner may not be able to do or want to do. Handyman services can, therefore, be used by homeowners to get their work done professionally.

General service info

What are handyman services?

Handyman services are odd jobs or minor jobs in a home. This includes work like electrical repair and installation work, plumbing work, minor carpentry work, installation of appliances, window cleaning, sprinkler repair, curtain hanging, tiles repair, door repair, etc. These are jobs needing specific skills, which most homeowners may not have. They would like to have professionals do this job. Even if there are small jobs like lamp repair one may not have time to do it. That is where handyman services would be of use.

How quickly can handymen provide their services?

Most handymen can provide services very fast within a few hours. Some jobs like fixing a leaky or broken pipe need to be done immediately. Handymen would usually provide such service very fast, even within an hour. Other jobs like painting may not be urgent and good painters are in demand, so painting may take a little more time.

How do you select a handyman?

While selecting a handyman, first thing is to look to work with a well-establishment handyman service provider. Working with a service provider who is well-known in the market ensures you get quality work. Usually, such firms would have a team of workers who can do different types of jobs. Feedback and reviews are also something that you need to check. Lastly, you need to check the pricing. Look for both price and quality before deciding.

When you hire handymen, do they need to be licensed?

It is advisable to hire a handyman with a license. Electricians and plumbers need licensing and it is strongly advised to use the services of one having a license. If you work with an unlicensed provider, then it is possible that you may not get good service. Also when electrical work is done and if there is an accident, then as a homeowner you would be in trouble for working with an unlicensed service provider.

Do handymen need to be insured?

Working with electricity and jobs like gas fitting involves an element of risk. Insurance helps to avoid this risk. For the safety of your handyman and also for your peace of mind, it is better to have an insured handyman carry out work in your home.

Should you go with a freelancer or a handyman company?

You mainly need to look for skill and experience while selecting a handyman. If a freelancer has both skill and expertise and has satisfied customers, you can work with freelancers, as their charges would be lesser than companies.

How do handymen service providers charge clients?

Prices for handymen services vary based on various criteria. But while working with a handyman, it would be advisable to know the general prices. Usually, costs are charged based on the type of job.

To replace a doorknob, one may charge SGD 80 to 150, while for replacing the door itself, the price may be SGD 380. Installation of a fan would cost anywhere from SGD 80 to 120. If you take the help of a handyman to assemble furniture, you may have to pay $50 to $80. Painting a room would usually cost around SGD 300 to SGD 400. Painting an entire three room house would cost SGD 1,000 to 1,300.

If you need plumbing work, a basic job like fixing a tap and replacing it would cost SGD 40 to 60. Installing a commode may cost SGD 180. These are average prices and would vary depending upon the extent of work to be done.

Will the handyman charge extra for materials used?

If any materials are needed by the handyman to carry out services, then he would either get it and ask you to pay for it or you can buy and provide the same. For instance, to replace a tap, a new tap would be needed. There are various types of taps that have different price tags. You can decide one of your preference and buy it yourself. If you leave it to the handyman to buy, he may charge you more for it.

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