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Maid Agencies in Singapore can help you with domestic chores by providing access to professional maids who can keep your hearth clean.

Most of the maid agencies in Singapore make sure to run a background check on all the maids they hire and the maid services provide a way of employing an individual who can responsibly take care of your home for you.  

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  • Comfort Keepers
    Comfort Keepers is a company dedicated to providing premium care for the elderly and those who need assistance in daily living. Their professional, compassionate and hard-working caretakers are committed to making the lives of their clients better, providing them with the care and help they need in the comfort of their own homes.
    If you wish to live in a cleaner home that is well-maintained but does not have the time or the required skills to do the job yourself, is the perfect solution for you. Through them, you can hire reliable and trustworthy part time maids who will take care of house cleaning whether it’s sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, ironing, taking the garbage out, or more.
  • Maids R Us
    Founded by Graham, who moved to Singapore from the UK, this home assistance company have been helping hundreds of individuals and families, especially expats, by providing them with reliable domestic help. Having worked a corporate job for years, Graham makes customer satisfaction a priority.
  • MopSquad
    Providing various home assistance and cleaning services including home cleaning, commercial cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning, carpet cleaning, stone and tile cleaning, MopSquad is more than just a maid agency. Plus, it offers customized services according to your needs.
  • make it easy and simple to find the perfect maid or part-time helper Singapore has to offer. All you have to do is post your requirements on the platform, search through the database where hundreds of domestic helpers have uploaded their profiles, interview the candidates of your choice and select the best one! Applications and documentations are even done through email or WhatsApp.
  • Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping
    Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping Svcs is one of the best and most affordable domestic help providers in Singapore. It is more than just a maid agency for those who require a domestic helper; it focuses on building a positive professional relationship with its clients.
  • Absolute Cleaning
    A maid agency Singapore residents have gone to for help when they are in need of a domestic helper, Absolute Cleaning has been in service for years. Passionate about helping you and your family live in clean, dust-free and germ-free homes, their professional cleaners will not disappoint.
  • Greenland Cleaning
    For Singapore residents looking for a maid to help with cleaning their homes, Greenland Cleaning offers multiple options you can choose from. With services like one-time house cleaning, weekly house cleaning, spring cleaning, office cleaning, ironing of clothes and various other you can choose from, they are a premium maid agency.
  • SG House Cleaning
    SG House Cleaning Service is a reliable and trusted professional cleaning service provider for residential properties in Singapore. Whether you wish to clean your apartment before moving in, or moving out (tenancy cleaning service), a weekly house cleaning, a domestic helper or any other kind of cleaning service in Singapore, SG House Cleaning Service is your go-to place.
  • Mrs. Sparkles
    Since 1996, Mrs. Sparkles has been providing professional cleaning services to hundreds of Singapore homes. With honesty, dedication, and hard-work as its core values, the family-owned company will leave your home spotless.
  • Auntie Cleaner
    If you’re looking for a maid or part-time helper Singapore can offer to clean your house or are looking for office cleaning services, then you don’t have to look any further than Mrs. Sparkles. With their different packages that are tailored to suit your various requirements, they are a highly versatile and reliable maid agency in Singapore.
  • Home Cleanz
    Home Cleanz offers all kinds of cleaning and laundry services to suit your requirements and keep your house sparkling clean and fresh. Since its conception in 2004, it has provided domestic workers Singapore residents greatly benefited from. Book their services and see for yourself!
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    Actual Maid Agency Services Requests

    • "Looking for a reliable maid to help with home cleaning and cooking"


      Which type of service do you primarily request for?Home cleaning
      Any subsidiary services do you wish to request as well?Cooking Service
      What is the square footage of your home?500 - 700 sq. ft.
    • "Looking for maid agency with low agency fee"

       Hillview Avenue

      Which type of service do you primarily request for?Nanny service
      Any subsidiary services do you wish to request as well?No, I don't need
      What is the square footage of your home?500 - 700 sq. ft.
    • "Looking for full time reliable maid"


      Which type of service do you primarily request for?Home cleaning
      Any subsidiary services do you wish to request as well?Cooking Service
      What is the square footage of your home?700 - 1000 sq. ft.

    About Maid Agency / Maid Agency Fees / Maid Agency Singapore Price

    Employing a maid from these top maid agency in Singapore ensures that whoever enters to clean your home can be vouched for both in terms of their work history and their capacity to manage cleanliness in your home.

    General service info

    Why should I employ someone from a maid agency?

    It is entirely possible to find and hire the best maid in Singapore for you on references alone, but that is not enough to be able to trust your home to your maid when you are not there. Depending on the kind of person the maid is, they may steal, be irresponsible or simply not do the work unless you are there.

    A maid agency from Singapore runs background checks on and brings under their aegis only those people who can responsibly carry out their work. Singapore has become a hotbed of progress, and people work hard day in and day out to take themselves further. In this environment, it becomes necessary to be able to trust someone to clean the home as it is not possible for every individual to do it. And if the house is not cleaned regularly, then the environment will become unhygienic and open doors to various discomforts and diseases.

    What are the benefits of hiring from a maid agency?

    The most crucial benefit of hiring from a maid agency is that you know that the person you hire will be responsibly doing their job. In case they do not, you have the option of informing the agency, who can replace the maid they have been sending you if it turns out that they are not able to handle the chores in your house.

    You also know that even if your maid, for whatever reason, is not able to come to work for an extended period, someone else will be sent instead. The best maid agencies in Singapore will instead send another maid to take care of your home for the duration of your original maid's absence. Also, if your maid is underperforming or not making you happy, then just letting the agency know and they will either talk to your maid or replace them with someone else. Maid agencies in Singapore are a convenient way to ensure that you have the best maids in Singapore responsibly taking care of your domestic cleanliness.

    Can I trust the maid I hire from a maid agency in Singapore?

    Maid agencies in Singapore make it compulsory for all their employees to submit to a background check to authenticate their identity. People with criminal records, a history of complaints from the homes they have worked in and people with a generally unpleasant demeanor are not usually brought under the wings of these maid agencies. That is because maid agencies in Singapore are responsible in a way for the actions of its employees. So if a maid you hire from an agency has disappointed you, then you can turn to the maid service agency you had hired her from, and they will help you.

    Similarly, you know that there will always be someone sent by the maid agency to clean your home for you. If you see a professional service like this, it becomes easier for you to hand over some of the responsibilities of your home to an organization dedicated to servicing your place of residence. These maids will not steal, disrupt your home, or refuse to come to work as that will mean that their maid agency will likely drop them.

    How will maid agencies in Singapore help me find the perfect domestic help for my home?

    Usually, the maid agency in Singapore that you approach will be able to help you in finding the right maid match. They are already aware of how their maids act and perform, and it is only a matter of placing one of their maids in an environment where they can perform exemplary work.

    You can also look at the background history and references of different maids to better understand how they work and if they will be the right match for your home. Most importantly, you do not have to worry about what to do if the maid does not turn out to be an excellent match to take care of your home. In this situation, all you have to do us explain to the maid agency in Singapore the reason why you require a new maid, and they will make all the necessary arrangements for you.

    How do you pick the right maid agency from Singapore?

    There are many maid agencies in Singapore, but not all of them may match the specific requirements of a maid. The first factor you need to consider is your budget for hiring a maid: how much are you willing to spend on this service? The more you spend, the higher the quality of the maid working for you.

    However, maid agencies in Singapore ensure that whoever you hire through them are perfectly capable of doing your domestic chores. Of course, how big your home is and how much work you expect from your maid are other factors that determine how much you will have to spend on a maid, even from a maid agency. Always check that any agency you pick is MOM certified, meaning that the agency is vouched for by prominent names in the maid service industry.

    An agency that fits into your budget conducts responsible background checks and is well known for its customer service all fall into the best maid agencies in Singapore list.

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