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Actual POA Tuition / Principle of Accounts Requests

  • "Looking for POA tutor for O level, thank you!"

    You areTutor Centre
    How often would you like to meet?6 - 7 Times Per Week
    How long would you like the lessons to be?Others (Please Specify): Depend on availability
  • "Any POA teachers here? I am hiring a tutor for my son."

    You areStudent's Parent
    How often would you like to meet?Once Per Week
    How long would you like the lessons to be?1.5 Hours
  • "Request: Principle of Accounting tutor, twice a week. Please send your quote, thanks!"

    You areStudent's Parent
    How often would you like to meet?2 - 3 Times Per Week
    How long would you like the lessons to be?1 Hour

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What is POA?

POA is Principles of Accounting, one of the subjects in accounts that covers the concepts of accounting and its application. It is a practical oriented subject, and students would learn principles related to accounting practices and also understand how to apply them to solve problems and use them in real life situations. POA is a subject that is taught at many levels. It is taught at the O level and N level for school students. This is also a subject taught in polytechnics and even at the University level. Learning POA is important to be able to understand accounting.

What is the need for POA tuition?

The focus of POA at school is more on completing the syllabus and individual attention for students is not so easy. Not all students can understand the concepts immediately. POA is similar to Maths, in that involves understanding concepts to able to master it. Without mastering concepts, it would be very difficult to learning POA. Some students would be weak and difficult to grasp concepts and as a result, they are not able to do well in the examinations. Particularly at the O and N level, it is very important to clear the exam with a good score so that future career options can be secured.

POA tuition helps students in being to get personalized attention so that they can easily master accounting principles. POA tutors would be people who are experienced in tutoring. They use their knowledge and experience to help students understand concepts. They provide individual tutoring so that even slow students can learn well. They provide notes that are well-structured and easy to understand.

They also focus on the examination. Most POA tutor would have worksheets that help students assess how much they have learned a particular chapter or concept. Regular conduct of tests using worksheets helps students gain confidence. This helps them in their exam preparation. Attending POA tuition also ensures regular monitoring of the student performance. All this would help a student to clear the exams successfully and score a good grade that can help in pursuing future studies.

What would be the charges for using the services of POA tutors?

Each tutor would have his/her own way of charging fees. This depends on the experience of the person providing POA tuition and also the track record of the organization or tutor. On average, the following are the rates which tutors would charge for POA tuition:

· At the lower secondary level, the rates would start from $30 per hour and would go up to $70 per hour, depending on whether the tutor is a part-time tutor, full-time tutor or a school teacher.

· For upper secondary POA tuition prices would range from $30 to $80 per hour.

· In case of requirement for POA tuition at the junior college level, the rates would be from $50 to $120 per hour.

· For International school syllabus, POA tutors would charge $30 to $90 per hour.

· University students who need POA tuition would charge $60 to $120 per hour for their services.

How to decide where to get tutored?

Selecting a tutor to provide POA tuition is difficult. This is because one needs to select the best tutor who can provide quality coaching to help a student excel in the examinations. One can choose a tuition agency where classes are provided or one can choose the services of a home tutor who would come to the student's home and teach. In either case, to decide one should look at the tutor's qualification, experience, the methodology of teaching, results achieved, and track record. Comparing the services and the rates would help to select the best tutor.

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