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  • "Any Japanese lessons recommended?"

    How often would you like to meet?2 - 3 Times Per Week
    How long would you like the lessons to be?1 Hour
    What days are you available to meet?Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
  • "I am a beginner of Japanese, any lessons suggested?"

    How often would you like to meet?Once Per Week
    How long would you like the lessons to be?1.5 Hours
    What days are you available to meet?Saturday, Sunday
  • "Private Japanese lesson for advanced learner."

    How often would you like to meet?Once Per Week
    How long would you like the lessons to be?1 Hour
    What days are you available to meet?Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

About Learn Japanese Singapore / Nihongo / Japanese Words

Why Should You Learn Japanese?

Japan is a global leader across various industries such as technology and robotics. Japan is also a popular destination that is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Despite this, Japan has managed to retain its authenticity and continues to only speak in, write in and popularly use Japanese everywhere. Even though the Japanese youth is becoming more aware of English and other International Languages, the country continues to primarily rely on the Japanese to conduct everyday affairs. This means that if you are planning to visit Japan, work in Japan, conduct business in Japan or with a Japanese person or even if you want to study abroad in Japan, you will need to know Japanese.

Without a solid knowledge of Japanese, navigating the simplest things in Japan can feel like a hurdle. Give yourself an edge by taking Japanese Language classes in Singapore.

What are the benefits of knowing the Japanese Language?

Knowing any new language is always a welcome addition to a CV. The Japanese language, in particular, gives you a decided advantage if you want to go to, communicate with, live in or work in Japan. Without knowledge of Japanese, communicating with a Japanese native may prove to be difficult.

People always appreciate it if you take the time to learn their language, especially if you intend to engage with the culture for longer periods.

Are there any professional benefits to knowing the Japanese language?

Indeed there are. In order to work in Japan you must first clear the N2 level certifying exam of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Clearing the higher levels of JLPT also makes it easier to gain admission into premium institutes like The University of Tokyo.

In addition to this, you can also consider becoming an interpretor or a translator. Even Japanese teaching can become an available profession for you should you gain fluency in the language.

Isn't the Japanese the hardest language to learn?

How difficult a language is to learn is mostly dependent on how early on in life you were exposed to that language and how much time you are willing to dedicate to it later on in life. The Japanese language is no exception, and although it can feel hard early on, with time the rules and knacks of the language will become clearer to you.

How long does it take to learn Japanese?

How much of the culture you are exposed to make the process of learning a language faster or slower. A person learning Japanese in Japan may learn faster owing to being exposed to Japanese every day while a leader in a different country may take more time. It takes around a year to be good enough to read basic news articles, and the more you practice the language, the faster you will learn, so this could take less time.

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