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Knowing Korean can give you a decided edge in a market where the demand for the language is growing. If you are a student interested in studying in Korea, who wants to work there or do business or even if you are planning a trip to this trending destination, knowing the Korean language will give you an advantage in how you experience Korea.

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Sep 13 2022


Karen lam
Aug 13 2022

Spencer sir 好專業,好nice ,會按學生唔同嘅英文程度做出合適嘅指導同給予合適練習比學生,校內成績有大進步

Jun 21 2022

以前系進修學院學過一學期,對發音都係毫無信心,死背都唔記得。跟左老師三堂,針對發音,邏輯學習發音,宜家清晰曬。原來韓文一D都唔難, 仲好有趣👍 多謝老師 감사합니다💕💕

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Actual Learn Korean / Korean Language / Korean Language School Requests

  • "Looking for Korean private lesson for 2 beginners, thanks!"

    How often would you like to meet?Once Per Week
    How long would you like the lessons to be?1.5 Hours
    What days are you available to meet?Saturday, Sunday
  • "Any Korean teacher available for private tutoring for a 4-year-old?"

    How often would you like to meet?4 - 5 Times Per Week
    How long would you like the lessons to be?45 Minutes
    What days are you available to meet?Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • "I am a Korean beginner, any language class recommended?"

    How often would you like to meet?2 - 3 Times Per Week
    How long would you like the lessons to be?1.5 Hours
    What days are you available to meet?Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

About Learning Korean in Singapore

What are the benefits of learning the Korean Language?

Korean has become an important language today. The rise of big corporations like Samsung and Hyundai alongside the expansion of Korean entertainment into the global stage has made Korea much more visible than it has ever been in global history. Not only is Korea important in the respect of a thriving vacation destination, but it is also becoming a leading commercial center in the world.

Knowing the Korean language within this climate will give you not only better opportunities in employment, but can also make your time in Korea or interactions with Koreans easier. At the moment there are upwards of 85,000 Koreans living and working in Singapore. The Korean Language is definitely an asset you should consider adding to your portfolio.

Who should consider taking Korean Language courses?

Anyone interested in either the Korean language or Korean culture is perfectly suited to learning the Korean language. The reasons why people start learning Korean are extremely varied. Some people take Korean classes because they want to learn the language before they move to Korea to either study, work or do business. Conversational Korean is very common among people going to Korea either to travel or for a short period. Many corporates train their employees in business Korean so that they can better interact with Korean visitors and businessmen.

Some students also start learning Korean because they are interested in K-Pop or Korean dramas. You can have any reason to start learning a new language, and everyone who puts in the time and effort behind the Korean language will find the language to be a valuable addition in their life.

Are there any age restrictions to learning the Korean Language?

There are no age restrictions when it comes to learning the Korean Language, but older learners will find certain opportunities unavailable to them. Many language schools have exchange programs with Schools and Universities in Korea, but these are mostly for Singaporean students. Other than that, all learners will find themselves welcome in any Korean Language course in Singapore.

How long does it take to become fluent in the Korean Language?

The amount of effort you invest in Korean along with cultural immersion are the main indicators of how fast or slow you will be in learning the language. Earlier on, most students find it difficult to learn a whole new script, new grammar rules as well as a new vocabulary. However, with practice and repetition, those skills can improve. By the time you complete your Basic Levels in Korean, you should be able to use simple phrases and read simple lines. The Pre-Intermediate Course takes you to a level where you can live in Korea and communicate with natives in Korean, but only through common everyday phrases. The Intermediate Course improves upon your knowledge of the Pre-Intermediate course and so on.

While you may be able to speak and use the Korean Language within a year from the commencement of your studies, the amount of effort as well as how long you keep studying the Korean Language will determine your ultimate fluency.

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