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May 08 2023

It's my pleasure to recommend Queenie to you; she is an accommodating coach. During her coaching, she paid attention to my situation, was precise in polishing my resume, also gave me professional advice on my interview.

May 05 2023

Excellent Class! I was impressed with the variety of moves and stretches in your class. Very knowledgable and able to explain needed movements clearly. She has a friendly and supportive style.

william yeung
Apr 17 2023

细心,有耐性,會按照學員進度教受,very nice

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Actual Yoga Class Requests

  • "Looking for affordable yoga classes"

     Orchard Boulevard

    Does student have yoga learning experience?No
    How old is the student who wants to learn yoga?19 - 25 years old
    Which type of lesson does student prefer?Small Class (2 - 6 persons)
  • "Prefer personal yoga instructor instead of yoga studio"


    Does student have yoga learning experience?Yes, entry level
    How old is the student who wants to learn yoga?19 - 25 years old
    Which type of lesson does student prefer?One-on-One Tutoring
  • "Want to learn Aerial Yoga"


    Does student have yoga learning experience?No
    How old is the student who wants to learn yoga?19 - 25 years old
    Which type of lesson does student prefer?Group Class (7 persons or above)

About Yoga / Yoga Classes in Singapore / Affordable Yoga Classes / Yoga Instructors / Yoga Studios / Yoga Lesson

Yoga is a science that deals with the mind and body. One aspect of Yoga deals with physical postures that can keep a person fit and healthy. It is an excellent physical activity that even can be done at home by anyone. It also involves the mind. Yoga techniques can help in controlling the mind, and this has many benefits like the ability to relax and concentrate well. This is the reason Yoga is popular worldwide, and the UN has even marked 21st June as World Yoga Day. People have understood the health benefits of Yoga and want to learn Yoga.

General Service Info

Yoga has become popular because of the health benefits it offers. People attend Yoga lessons to improve their health. Details of the best yoga classes in Singapore can be found here.

Why should you take up Yoga lessons?

When you attend Yoga classes in Singapore, you would be learning an ancient Indian discipline that has proven results when it comes to improving your health – both physical and mental. Yoga involves two aspects, one is physical. Carrying out various asanas or poses helps in keeping physically fit and also losing weight. It also helps in treating various diseases. Breathing exercises or pranayama is an essential element of Yoga. It helps to strengthen the lungs and helps to feel relaxed. Yoga can help one to be controlled and relaxed to handle any kind of stressful situation. Yoga therapy is used to treat various ailments. This is why you need to take up Yoga lessons – to improve your life.

Can you attend Yoga classes conducted by freelancers?

A Freelance Yoga Instructor Singapore is one who does not have a studio or a Yoga institute offering classes. Basically, he/she may be someone who has learned Yoga and want to help others learn and benefit from it. There would be many Yoga masters who would be working in other occupations and conduct classes in the mornings and evening. Working with freelancers would be less expensive than attending regular classes at a studio. However, you need to verify the freelancer’s capability by looking at reviews of his/her teaching. Some freelancers even come to your home and teach you.

What are the benefits of attending Yoga classes conducted by a professional institute/studio?

A Yoga studio would have its own premises to conduct classes. They would have their own experienced Yoga Instructor Singapore to conduct classes. These studios would have good facilities for conduct of classes. It would be operated in a professional manner with fixed hours of Yoga. Facilities like shower room and the changing room would be available. These studios also offer innovative options like blending Yoga with calisthenics and dance so that learners can have a great experience.

What are the types of Yoga courses that one can learn?

When you take up Yoga classes Singapore, you can either choose the beginner level or the advanced level. The beginner level is an introductory level, where basic asanas or postures are taught. Each asana has a particular benefit for the body. Breathing exercises would also be taught. Advanced forms of Yoga like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga are taught under advanced Yoga courses. These require the knowledge of basic Yoga postures and hence can be done by someone who has attended the basic courses.

Who can attend Yoga classes? Is there any age restriction?

Yoga can be attended by anyone who is interested to improve their health and overall well-being. To do Yoga, all you need is interest, a mat so that you can perform Yoga safely, and loose clothes to allow free movement. There is no age restriction, anyone from 7 to 70 can do Yoga. It helps people be more flexible and improves working of the muscles and has great health benefits.

Can heart patients do Yoga?

Yes, Yoga helps the body improve its functioning and there are specific asanas that are good for the heart. Even a heart patient or anyone suffering from illnesses can do Yoga. It can be used as a therapy that can help in restoring the health of an individual and treating various diseases.

How much do I need to pay for Yoga classes?

This entirely depends on the Yoga instructor and the studio where you take up Yoga classes in Singapore. A freelancer may charge a lesser fee, while studios may charge more. Some even offer free trial sessions so you can get to know how good the instructors are. The fee for yoga classes is charged on an hourly basis. Studios would charge anywhere from SGD 30 to 50 per hour. If you opt for a monthly payment basis or annual feel, you would be able to pay less. Some studios even offer packages that are cost effective.

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