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Jul 03 2023


Jun 25 2023

琴行老闆的態度良好友善,可以有效率及有禮貌地解答哂問題 琴老師可以配合學生的期望,共同努力 6至8級學費一樣,真心值得被更多學生發現

May 27 2023


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Actual Piano Lesson Requests

  • "ABRSM Piano Lessons"

     Orchard Boulevard

    What is your piano skill level?I got ABRSM Grade 5 two years ago
    How many lessons per week would you like to have?Once per week
    What is your purpose of learning the piano?I want to attempt Grade 7 or 8 Piano
  • "Beginner Piano Lessons for An Adult"


    What is your piano skill level?Beginner
    How many lessons per week would you like to have?Once per week, 45-60 mins
    What is your purpose of learning the piano?Start from basic music theory and be able to sight read piano music at the end
  • "Piano Accompanist Training"


    What is your piano skill level?Beginner, but I am a vocalist so I can read music scores without difficulty
    How many lessons per week would you like to have?2-3
    What is your purpose of learning the piano?To be the piano accompanist for my church's choir

About Piano Lessons

General Service Info

What music lessons do you like to learn in Singapore? One of the most popular lessons you can get from Music School is piano lessons.

Whether you are an adult or you are getting the lessons for your child, playing the piano is a fun musical instrument to learn. Aside from piano lessons, you might want to check out other musical instrument lessons being offered. They also provide professional violin lessons, classical guitar lessons, cello lessons and flute lessons. On top of that, they offer classical voice lessons if you are into Western classical songs.

A short summary of cost

Various music lessons offered for piano, violin, guitar and other musical instruments can range from SGD$25 per hour up to SGD$100 per hour with an average cost of SGD$45 per hour. The prices vary depending on the type of lessons you are interested in getting. It also takes into consideration the credentials of the teacher offering the lessons. Travel expenses may not be included in the rates if the student requires the teacher to travel to his or her home for the lessons.

Where are the lessons conducted?

Generally, most music/piano teachers prefer their students to travel to their home or their studio. Some teachers are okay to travel to their students’ home and conduct their lessons there. It is convenient that if the student requests the teacher to travel to their home they would already have their own instrument and not ask the teacher to bring their instrument with them.

Are the lessons done individually or by group?

Some students prefer their lessons to be done in a group and some also prefer the lessons to be conducted individually. Prices may vary, of course. Most teachers conduct their lessons to a group especially if their schedules are tight and if there is a great number of students wanting to take the lessons.

What is the right age to start piano lessons?

Unless you want to become a professional music player at a young age or are aiming to study music at eminent universities, there is no right time to start playing the piano. That being said, starting any discipline at an early age and being dedicated to it makes the process of learning easier. The reason behind this is that the minds of children, being in their developmental stage, are more open to learning faster and more comfortably than people in their late twenties or older. The ideal age to start taking piano lessons in Singapore if you want to be proficient at it early on in life is around four.

However, people can still take piano lessons in Singapore whenever they like. It is entirely possible to become proficient in the piano at a later age with enough practice and dedication.

Should I take piano lessons if I do not own a piano?

Many piano lessons in Singapore give you the option of renting a piano at a reasonable price. If you do not own a piano you can always rent one, of course, the rent price goes up the with the quality of the keyboard you intend to rent. Aside from piano lessons in Singapore, many shops selling music instruments also allow people to rent pianos.

Should I take the grading exams?

Students studying under piano teachers in Singapore have the option of giving grading exams for the piano. Universities renowned in the discipline of music allow piano lessons in Singapore affiliated with them to conduct certifying examinations on their behalf. The benefit of taking there examinations is getting certified in the piano from proper names without having to enroll in those institutions formally. It is a cheaper and more viable alternative for many people.

Places such as the Trinity School of Music, the London College of Music and the Association Board of the Royal Schools of Music are some of the renowned institutions that you can get certified from for after taking examinations on piano lessons in Singapore.

What do the piano music certification exams consist of?

There are typically two main areas that are tested in these exams - music theory and practical ability. You will be expected to be capable of reading music notations and performing set pieces by reading the notations. You should have a thorough understanding of music scales and compositions. You are also expected to perform many compositions from an existing list for the grade you are giving the exam for. Usually, there are eight grades that you can give reviews for where Grade 1 is meant for beginners, and Grade 8 for those who have are experienced and have studied music thoroughly.

Should I take piano lessons if I am older?

Anyone can take piano lessons in Singapore. The music certification exams mentioned above are a popular alternative for people who turned to music later in life. There is no fixed age to fall in love with the piano and piano lessons in Singapore have something for everyone looking to learn.

Many people turn to music later in their lives, and it is entirely possible even to become a professional musician if you start at a later age. The most challenging aspect of gaining proficiency in the piano after you have become an adult is the time and energy you would be able to invest in the keyboard. Even if you have the best piano teacher in Singapore, to become a good player, you must practice. Adults often find that lives taken over by schedules that hardly leave time for anything else. However, if you are willing to take out the time to invest in your piano playing skills, then there is no reason why age should be a factor in taking piano lessons in Singapore.

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