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Accounting is a major activity in most companies. Our accounting service is provided by all the leading accounting firms in Singapore. These firms help a company to be tension free by handling all its accounting operations.

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Actual Accounting Service Requests

  • "Want to hire accountants for my company, thank you."

    Which company type does your company belong to?Partnership
    What business does your company do?Entertainment
    What bookkeeping software do you use?I don't use any accounting softwares
  • "Hiring temporary accountant for the end of financial year"

    Which company type does your company belong to?Limited Company
    What business does your company do?Others (please specify): Education
    What bookkeeping software do you use?QuickBooks
  • "Accounting service required for documents submitting by March."

    Which company type does your company belong to?Individual or Sole Proprietorship
    What business does your company do?Transport and Logistics
    What bookkeeping software do you use?I don't use any accounting softwares

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What is the need for availing of accounting services from an accounting service provider?

Accounting is an essential function of any organization. Book keeping is an essential activity where companies support their books of accounts. These records help a company tracking how it is managing its money and keep up documents of all financial transactions. Every company also needs to prepare financial statements like the balance sheet. These statements are reports have to be mandatory filed with the annual returns. Apart from this, there is taxation, which is the responsibility of accountants. Taxes need to be calculated and paid and returns filed.

A company can hire accountants to carry out their accounting operations. This would involve setting up infrastructure in-house and hire a team of experienced accountants. An experienced manager is needed to head the team of accountants. All this involves expenditure and regular monitoring by the management. Instead of doing this, a company can outsource its accounting work to an Accounting service Singapore firm. The firm would handle all accounting work and make sure the client can concentrate on their core business while handling all the accounting operations.

What are the accounting services provided by accounting firms?

When a client makes use of accounting service Singapore, they can get a range of services related to accounting, including:

·      Bookkeeping, maintaining all the book of accounts

·      Accounting services including use of software for account operations

·      Recording all accounting transactions

·      Handling bank related work

·      Preparing financial statements

·      Compiling accounts

·      Preparing the XBRL statement

·      Filing returns and handling regulatory compliances

·      Handling taxation work, including the filing of returns

·      Payroll processing on a monthly basis

·      Preparation of Directors reports

·      Ensuring work is done as per accounting standards

Can even small companies avail of accounting services?

Accounting is needed by all types of companies, large as well as small. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) need accounting service as it is a must to help them manage their limited funds. They also would find it expensive to set up a full-fledged accounting team. Outsourcing is more cost-effective and allows small companies to get their accounting and taxation work done in an easy and effective way. When they avail the services of accounting services provider Singapore, they would be able to focus on their core business processes while accounting work can be taken care of by the professionals.

What are the accounting services fees charged by accounting firms?

When a business avails of accounting service Singapore offered by accounting firms in Singapore, they would need to pay a fee. This fee would be lesser than handling accounting operations themselves. Each accounting firm charges a different fee based on the services they provide. These fees are charged based on the work done or can be a fee to handle monthly accounting services. Most accounting Singapore firms give the packages quarterly, half yearly, and annual fees that can work to be more effective.

The accounting services fees that accountants would charge would also depend on the type of company, size of operations, and the number of transactions carried out. The fee can start as low as $80 and can be on average $300 per month if the transactions are few. Where the volume of transactions is higher, $500 to $800 per month would be charged as an accounting fee. On a yearly basis, around $1600 would be charged that would work out to more cost-effective.

How to decide which firm to work with?

When a client wants to avail of Accounting service Singapore provided by an accounting firm, they would need to work a company that can provide the best services. To ensure this, they need to look at the experience of the firm, the expertise of the key personnel, the number of clients, the services offered, the fees charged, and feedback from existing clients. All this can be compared before selecting one firm to work with.

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