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Just as you would groom yourself to look beautiful, you would want your car also to be groomed well. You would want the car to look good in appearance and be free from blemishes. One of the ways to do this is looking for a car grooming service in Singapore.

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Raymond Chan
Apr 29 2022


Aug 06 2018

教得好詳細 又細心 而且好幽默 第一次上去個陣唔會比你太大既壓迫感 問好多問題都會好專業甘答你 很好😺😺😺

Bonnie B
Apr 10 2018

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What is car grooming?

Car grooming involves taking care of the car to make it look good and new and also offer protection. Just as a human would groom himself/herself to look good, cars are also groomed so that they appear new and shiny. Car grooming Singapore service providers would carry out grooming services to ensure that the car is cleaned, free from dirt and grime, free for scratches, and shining in appearance. One of the services provided as a part of car grooming is car polishing service. Car polishing helps to keep the car clean and shiny and enhances the appearance of the car.

Car polishing would be done using different products that are selected based on the type of car and the surface of the car. While polishing a car, a thorough wash of the car to clean it completely and then dry it is first done. Then, using clay or any other material the car is polished to remove any abrasions. Polishing can help in restoring the paint whose shine has vanished. The right kind of products and polishing materials are used to ensure a good shine and also ensure there are no scratches while polishing the car. When polished well, the effect can easily last for over a year. Once polishing is done, the car can then be waxed.

Why should I give my car for grooming, why not do it on my own?

Most people clean their cars regularly. They also use products to wax the car. But grooming is a professional service that is done by experts who have good experience in this work. They are people who have been doing this work day in and day out. They know exactly what kind of car polish products to use and how to ensure the best results. When work is taken up by a car owner, it would be an amateur job. A professional car grooming Singapore service provider would do a perfect job.

While polishing a car, a number of processes are followed to clean the car. Scratches that are minor in nature are removed, and most importantly the shine of the car is restored. To achieve this, the right polishing products and tools need to be used. Also, any contaminants that have gotten into the car’s surface can be removed by the expert polishers. This is the reason it is always advisable to use the services of professionals for car grooming, as compared to doing it by yourself.

What would be the charges for car polishing service?

The car polishing price would depend on the various car polishing service offered. Depending on the type of service and the activities carried out, most car grooming Singapore service providers fix their prices. They also offer various packages that include polishing as well as other services. This would be advantageous for the customer. Some service providers offer polishing at $50, which would be a basic package. A complete package of interior and exterior grooming would range from $340 to $400, depending on the type of the car.

How to select a vendor to carry out the car grooming service?

Car grooming service needs to be done by professionals. If you want to give your car for grooming, make sure you select a professional agency. The agency should be one that is in this field for many years. The experience of the vendor ensures that they know how to do their work in the best possible way. The range of services they offer needs to be verified. The car polishing price can be checked to see if it is as per market rates. Feedback from their customers can be checked before deciding which vendor to work with to get your car groomed in the best possible way.

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