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  • "Looking for moving van rental"


    What is your purpose of requesting van rental service?Personal Rental
  • "Any cheap commercial vehical leasing?"

     Hillview Avenue

    What is your purpose of requesting van rental service?Commercial Rental
  • "Need to rent a an with driver for moving"


    What is your purpose of requesting van rental service?Personal Rental

About Van Rental Singapore / Moving Van Rental / Passenger Van Rental / Catering Van Rental

Whether you are going on a weekend trip or traveling to Singapore on vacation, it is always convenient to have a vehicle exclusively to yourself. It makes going about the place so much easier. If you are shifting house, you will still need a car to transport all your belongings to the new place. Or maybe you are a business owner who needs to get products delivered to clients. You too will need a vehicle for your deliveries.

It is not possible for someone to have a vehicle that will serve all your needs. That is when renting is the easiest option. You do not have to worry about taking your vehicle around all the time or fret over whether all those boxes will fit in your car. Van and lorry rentals will give you the freedom to choose a vehicle according to your needs.

General service info

Should I go for car rentals with prepaid fuel charges?

Unless you are sure that you will be returning the car with its fuel tank empty or you have a early morning flight to catch with no time for refueling, it is best advised to not pay for the fuel in advance. It most often so happens that you pay the amount in advance and don't even end up using that much fuel. So as far as possible, keep track of nearby fueling stations and get refueled as and when you need it.

Are there any reward programs in vehicle rental services too?

Absolutely yes. Most popular vehicle rental services provide frequent user discounts just like airlines offering frequent flyer miles. Don't forget to check with your service provider for this. Most services mention this on their websites too. You could find a great deal and save some money.

Is it necessary to check your vehicle before driving away? Aren't the vehicles already tested by the rental company?

Yes, most good rental companies regularly inspect their vehicles for safety and comfort. But it is absolutely necessary to inspect the vehicle yourself before leaving in it. Not just to ensure safety while driving but also to avoid any disputes later on. Many times the vehicle may have some minor damage that might evade the eyes of the inspector at the rental company. If you don’t point these out while renting, you may be held responsible for some damage that was already there. So inspect the vehicle once for any dents, scratches or loose parts before leaving. Also, make sure the vehicle parts are all working correctly.

Should I take the insurance being offered by the vehicle rental company?

It is advisable not to buy insurance from the rental company. Usually, you should be covered for this under your vehicle insurance. If your car insurance does not include this, try your credit card company. Many credit cards cover for insurance of this type. Unless all other sources are exhausted, it is best not to go for insurance provided by the rental company because they usually have a ridiculously high cost. You can get insurance for much lower with the other options.

How do you know if your violin is the right one for you?

Simply take it to your violin instructor, and he or she will help you determine whether the violin you own is the perfect one for you. Different people have different requirements, and what suits one person may not necessarily satisfy the other.

Is my credit score important when renting a vehicle?

Yes, most rental companies will want to check your credit score before renting out a vehicle. This is to make sure that you can pay for all the charges and don’t end up as a defaulter. For this purpose, it is best to use your credit card when renting a vehicle. This will save you the hassle of going through a credit check. Also, some companies may put a hold on some funds from your credit card until you have returned the car. It is still the best option to have a smooth and trouble-free experience.

Can't I book a vehicle from the airport?

Of course, you can, but you should rather not. The rates at the airport are usually much higher since the rental company has to pay extra fees and tax at the airport. Most car rental companies have their website these days, so you shouldn't have to worry about booking in advance. You can book your vehicle before you arrive and pay later. You don’t need to wait at the airport and pay extra or run around the new place looking for a rental service.

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