2021 Average Cost for Swimming Lessons in Singapore

The average cost for swimming lesson in Singapore is about $120. To book a swimming coach, you are likely to spend between $20 to $250 per hour.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Swimming Coach in Singapore?

MinimumMaximumAverage$ 20$ 250$ 120

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          Swimming Lesson Cost Details

          Are you trying to learn swimming? Having trouble finding the best swimming school for you? The average cost for swimming lesson in Singapore is about $120. To book a swimming coach, you are likely to spend between $20 to $250 per hour.

          Compare amongst the different swimming schools in Singapore and choose the best and most reasonably priced swimming school.

          1) What are the basic costs involved in swimming lessons?

          The basic costs in swimming lessons depend on the trainer's fee, facilities at the swimming school, type of pools, and the age of the students. Larger and luxurious facilities tend to charge much more than a center with the basic facilities.

          2) What are the additional costs incurred in learning swimming?

          The additional costs will include the price of swimming gear, and if you are planning to join competitions, then you will have to include the expenses for additional training and any other fees such competitive events might include, such as registration fees.

          3) How do private swimming lessons differ from normal swimming lessons?

          In private swimming lessons, each student gets individual, one-to-one attention from the swimming coach. For the entire session, the coach is focused only on a single person.

          In a normal swimming lesson, the coach trains a group of students rather than a single student. For this reason, private swimming lessons are priced higher than group swimming lessons.

          4) Is there any tips regarding how to save money on swimming lessons?

          4.1) Choose a basic pool

          Many swimming centers are overpriced because of the extent of the facilities they offer. In most cases, these facilities are not necessary for someone to learn swimming. The essential facilities are a good swimming pool, a locker room facility, and of course, a shower. These are the three most important things you need to learn swimming and if you can't afford the costs of swimming clubs, opt for swimming centers that have all these basic facilities at a lower price.

          4.2) Check for discounted swimming lessons

          A number of clubs and other facilities often offer huge discounts on swimming lessons. You can easily avail these discounts depending on when they become available. Many facilities offer discounts during the beginning of the year and towards the end of the year.

          4.3) Try to get a part-time job where you study

          If you have any skill that would be useful around the pool facility, you can talk to the administration and see whether you can trade those skills in exchange for a complete or partial discount on your fees.

          If your children are the ones learning but, you happen to know swimming, you can offer to teach basic swimming lessons at the swimming center in exchange for a discount. This is, in fact, one of the best ways to save money on swimming lessons.

          4.4) Try to teach your children the basics

          Training a child to swim, can be very expensive. The cost incurred depends on the number of sessions your child needs to attend. To save some money on swimming costs, you can get your child started with the basics at home. This can save a number of sessions at the swimming center, and your child will be able to master the techniques faster.

          Simply try to teach your child how to balance himself or herself in the water and to take a few basic strokes. Remember, it is important to get rid of the fear factor first if your child happens to be afraid of the water. Be very patient and encouraging while helping your child to learn to swim.

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          • Kennis
            May 13, 2024

            Exceptional coach with detailed, personalized guidance. Improves technique, boosts confidence, and instills a love for swimming. Highly recommended for all levels.

          • Karen
            May 10, 2024


          • 耀煌
            May 5, 2024


          • Richard
            April 28, 2024


          • Debbie
            April 26, 2024

            Miss十分用心教導,短短1-2堂我同老公已經學識蛙式,比預期中快好多!😍 Miss又會耐心同我分析我怕水嘅原因,諗唔同嘅方法,嘗試克服我對水嘅恐懼,真係十分好嘅導師!🥹🫶🏼 推薦給每一位想學游水的大家!

          • Anonymous
            April 19, 2024


          Actual Swimming Lesson Requests

          • "One on one private swimming lessons"



            What is the student's current swimming level?No Experience
            Gender Preference for the InstructorFemale
            Which class type do you prefer?1-to-1 Tutoring
          • "Swimming lessons for adults"


            Bukit Batok

            What is the student's current swimming level?Elementary
            Gender Preference for the InstructorMale
            Which class type do you prefer?Small Class (~2-6 Students)
          • "Freestyle swimming lessons"


            Marine Parade

            What is the student's current swimming level?Elementary
            Gender Preference for the InstructorFemale
            Which class type do you prefer?Small Class (~2-6 Students)

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