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  • Little Swim School Pte. Ltd.
    The Little Swim School is among one of the centers that give the best swimming lessons in Singapore. They offer swimming classes for children and adults. They have four programs for different age groups. The coaches at Little Swim School are certified professionals and the center itself maintains very high standards in terms of safety and accessibility.
  • Swish Swimming
    Swish Swimming offers swimming lessons not only for children but also for adults and children with special needs. The swimming coaches are certified professionals who make sure that you have nothing less than a wonderful experience at their center.
  • Marsden Swimming School
    Marsden Swimming School is one of the best swimming schools in Singapore. It is a tier one gold standard swim school and offers swimming lessons for both children and adults. They focus not only on helping you to learn to swim but also make sure that you know everything there is to know about water safety.
  • AquaBambinos Swim School
    The AquaBambinos swimming school offers swimming lessons for babies and toddlers. They are among the swimming centers to provide the best swimming lessons in Singapore. The swimming center offers an indoor heated pool as well as a saltwater swimming pool.
  • Happy Fish Swim School HQ
    The Happy Fish swim school has been open since 2007 and offers swimming lessons for all age groups. They are family oriented for the most part but also help those who have the caliber to take swimming to professional levels.
  • APS Swim School
    The swimming coaches at APS Swim School are extremely dedicated to giving you the best experience at their center. They cater specifically to children and focus on swimming lessons as giving children an asset in their lives.
  • Aquaducks
    Aquaducks offers swimming lessons for both adults and children. Their approach to swimming lessons is very playful and rather interesting. The professional coaches understand that not everyone takes to the water all that very well and tries to make swimming an enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Isplash Swim School @ Swimming Lessons Singapore
    The instructors at Isplash Swim School try to make swimming a fun-filled, yet rich experience for their students. They offer cheap swimming lessons for kids and make sure that your children are swimming like fish in no time!
  • able-aquatic-school
    If you have children who are learning to swim, then the Able Aquatic School is just the right place to kickstart your child’s passion for swimming.
  • Yio Chu Kang ActiveSG Swimming Complex
    The Yio Chu Kang ActiveSG is one of the best swimming schools in Singapore. They offer inexpensive swimming lessons and make sure that your children have the best time in the pool.
  • SGSWIMKIDS Swim School
    SGSWIMKIDS Swim School offers some of the cheapest swimming lessons in Singapore. Their instructors understand the need to be gentle with children who are about to take their very first swim and do everything they can to make swimming an unforgett...
  • Swim Hub
    Swim Hub offers cheap swimming lessons for kids. The instructors are patient and make sure that your children get over their fear of water with proper instructions and encouragement.
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 666 reviews
    Jul 01 2023


    Jun 28 2023

    Ray is a great swimming instructor! He turned my fear of water into an enjoyable swimming experience. With his empathetic, patient approach, he created a comfortable learning environment that quickly had me learning breaststroke. His lessons were not just educational, but instilled in me a newfound love for swimming. For anyone seeking an adept, empathetic guide in learning to swim, I highly recommend Ray!

    Ms Ho
    Jun 25 2023

    Ray has a lot of experience and is an amazing coach. I had my first class today, and he gave me a good overview of front crawl, which I have always wanted to learn. Thank you.

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    Actual Swimming Lessons Requests

    • "Group Swim Lessons"


      Would you prefer being taught one to one or in a class?In a class of not more than 5 students
      How many lessons per week would you like to have?45-60 mins/week
      Is there anything else you would like to tell our Pros?I prefer having lessons in my clubhouse's swimming pool
    • "One to One Swimming Lessons"


      Would you prefer being taught one to one or in a class?Both are fine for me
      How many lessons per week would you like to have?2
      Is there anything else you would like to tell our Pros?I am taking part in the class with my brother. It would be best if we could be arranged in the same class.
    • "Beginner in Swimming"


      Would you prefer being taught one to one or in a class?One to one
      How many lessons per week would you like to have?Once per week
      Is there anything else you would like to tell our Pros?My son is a beginner and not very comfortable with being in water

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    How old does my child have to be to join swimming classes?

    In most swimming centers, the minimum age for a child to join swimming classes is just six months. Many parents are not confident to take their babies for lessons at such a young age. In such cases, it is better to wait until the child is a year old or whenever the parents find it comfortable.

    How can you encourage your child to swim if he or she is scared of the water?

    Most children have an initial fear of the water and it is quite normal. In such cases, it is important to inform the instructor about your child's fears. Make sure that you are with your child every step of the way and start with very small steps.

    Is there an age limit to learn swimming?

    There is no age limit to learning swimming. Anyone can learn to swim at any age. However, as you grow older, it will probably take more time for you to get accustomed to this sport as compared to learning at a very young age.

    How long does it take to learn swimming?

    The time frame is variable and mostly depends on individuals. The more you practice, the better you get at swimming, and you will master it in no time. However, if you depend only on swimming lessons, then progress is likely to be slow.

    What is the importance of learning swimming?

    Swimming is a full-rounded sport. This means that a session of swimming can work every muscle in your body and burn-off twice the calories you would on the treadmill; not to mention it is quite fun and interesting. It is an activity that you can learn and continue through any phase of life; it helps to relax the mind and body. This is why it is important to learn swimming.

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