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  • Singapore Badminton School
    Attending a badminton coaching program is highly important. It focuses on improving both physical fitness and mental alertness of badminton players. It gives you step by step instructions about playing the game and proper feedback on improving you...
  • Singapore Badminton School
    With their professional full-time coaching team, the Singapore Badminton School strives to be one of the top-rated academies that provide best badminton lessons in Singapore. The academy offers three distinct levels of training.
  • Fly 2000 Sports Pte Ltd
    The Fly 2000 Sports Pte Ltd is a reputed sports academy that is committed to providing the best badminton lessons in Singapore to young children who have a keen interest in learning the sport.
  • Joy Badminton Academy
    Joy Badminton Academy provides one of the best badminton lessons in Singapore for young children above the age of 5. The academy offers its trainees an option of choosing between individual training sessions or groups classes as per their individual
  • Jwave Badminton Training
    The Jwave Badminton Training Centre offers structured badminton training across all age groups and levels of skills. One among the few academies that provide best badminton lessons in Singapore, the Jwave Badminton Training center has adopted Sports.
  • Optimum Badmintion Academy
    The Optimum Badminton Academy is among the few top-rated sports academies that provide best badminton lessons in Singapore. Their major highlight is the progress training card that they provide to each of the trainees that helps improve their focus.
  • Alpha Academy
    Comprising world-class coaches and superior infrastructural facilities, the Alpha Academy is known for offering one of the best badminton lessons in Singapore.
  • Voltex Sport
    Established in 2014, Voltex Sport is a reputed sports academy where you can find the best badminton lessons in Singapore. The coaches are friendly and professional and help young trainees develop excellent basic and advanced badminton skills.
  • AT Badminton Centre
    The AT Badminton Centre is a leading badminton academy that offers best badminton lessons in Singapore. Their experienced and professional coaches help prepare young trainees with both basic as well as advanced badminton skills.
  • Be a Champ
    Be a Champ is renowned for being a reputed and professional badminton academy that provides one of the best badminton lessons in Singapore. The academy has tailormade training plans designed to cater to the unique needs and requirements of all age.
  • BG BAdminton Academy
    G Badminton Academy is among the reputed centers that provide the best badminton lessons in Singapore. Their proven training methodology helps coach and guide the players according to both recreational as well as competitive gaming standards.
  • 1Sports Pte Ltd
    Brought to you by Qualified and Experienced Tennis Coaches. We have group tennis lessons for adults or kids. If you are looking to learn tennis on a regular basis, join our group tennis lessons! All levels of players are welcomed, from beginners, intermediate to advanced players! Pick a session at your desired location.
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    Jun Wong
    Mar 19 2023

    quick response

    Tomy chow
    Feb 22 2023

    Very clear instruction and well explanation of every move. Good and passionate teacher

    Tomy chow
    Feb 17 2023

    Very detail explanation and demonstration

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    Actual Badminton Lesson Requests

    • "Badminton Beginner"


      Have you learnt badminton before?No
      How many lessons per week would you like to have?Once a week
      Is there anything else you would like to tell our Pros?I want to have the lessons at the badminton court in the estate I live in
    • "Badminton competition player"

      Boat Quay

      Have you learnt badminton before?Yes, I have been an amateur player for 6 years.
      How many lessons per week would you like to have?60mins/week
      Is there anything else you would like to tell our Pros?I aim at taking part in badminton competitions after a year
    • "Looking for a badminton coach in Singapore"

      Ang Mo Kio

      Have you learnt badminton before?Yes I have learnt it for 3 years
      How many lessons per week would you like to have?Once
      Is there anything else you would like to tell our Pros?I want my two sons (10 and 13 years old) to have classes together

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    How old does my child have to be to join badminton classes?

    In a majority of badminton academies, the minimum age for a child to join the badminton lessons is around 4-5 years. If you are looking to train your kid for competitive badminton tournaments, it is recommended to start as early as possible to provide them with a decent learning foundation.

    What is the upper age limit for joining badminton classes?

    The good news is that a majority of the badminton centers provide professional badminton training to people of all age groups. That said, if you are passionate about the sport and are willing to stretch your capabilities, then there is no age limit for you to join a badminton academy.

    How long will it take for my kid to learn badminton?

    The duration of training a newcomer largely depends upon their individual capabilities and willingness to learn. Practice is the key to mastering badminton and it is highly recommended that you do not base your learning solely on the academy sessions.

    What are the benefits of learning badminton?

    Being an outdoor sport that involves rigorous physical activity, badminton is an excellent way of maintaining good health and fitness through fun and recreation. Playing badminton requires you to stretch your arms and legs thereby helping you enhance the flexibility of your body. Young children can thoroughly benefit from playing badminton as it helps fight childhood obesity and strengthens their muscles and bones.

    Is it better to enroll my child in an individual or group class?

    The answer to that question is fairly subjective and largely depends upon the needs and requirements of an individual. Group classes are great for beginners who want to get a good sense of the sporting activity while being able to socialize with their group members. Group classes also enable the members to interact with one another and learn from the other’s mistakes. On the other hand, individual classes are more geared towards personalized attention from the coaches and are suitable for individuals that are training for competitions and tournaments. The individual classes are highly useful for acquiring advanced badminton skills for competitive purposes.

    How much will it cost to enroll in a badminton program in Singapore?

    While the pricing largely varies from one academy to another, the sessions generally cost somewhere between $20 an hour to $70 an hour. The average costs of badminton lessons in Singapore fall somewhere along the lines of $35 an hour. The cost of enrolment is majorly dependent upon the type of program you register for. For instance, the cost of enrolling in individual classes would be more than that for group sessions. Also, the pricing may vary according to the level of badminton skill namely beginners, intermediate or advanced.

    Will the equipment be provided at the academy?

    A majority of the badminton academies offer the required basic equipment such as rackets, shuttlecocks, nets and so on for the convenience of the trainees. However, this equipment is standard and may or may not align with the pre-requisites of your training level. As such, if you are looking for a specific brand or quality of equipment to refine your gameplay, you might consider bringing your own equipment to the academy.

    Are the timings flexible?

    Most of the badminton academies offer a variety of time slots throughout the day. As such you can enroll for a session that fits perfectly into your regular schedule and does not cause any inconvenience.

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