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If you love salsa dance and are looking for the best salsa classes in Singapore, then look no further. Here are some of the best salsa classes conducted in Singapore. It’s time to put on your dancing shoes and groove to the music! 

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Actual Salsa Class Requests

  • "Looking for affordable salsa classes"

     Orchard Boulevard

    What is the student's current Salsa dance level?No Experience
    Which type of lesson does student prefer?Group Class (7 or above persons)
    How often would you like to meet?Once a week
  • "Any entry level salsa class?"


    What is the student's current Salsa dance level?No experience
    Which type of lesson does student prefer?Small Class (2-6 persons)
    How often would you like to meet?Once a week
  • "Looking for private salsa lesson"


    What is the student's current Salsa dance level?Elementary
    Which type of lesson does student prefer?One on one tutoring
    How often would you like to meet?2-3 times per week

About Salsa / Salsa Class Singapore / Salsa Dance / Basic Salsa Dance

Love to dance, but just don't have a clue where to learn or show off your skills? There isn't a better feeling than walking into a party or club and knowing all the moves to the songs. You don't want to be the only person there with two left feet! If you want to learn the art of salsa dancing, then we are here to take you through some of the best salsa classes in Singapore. 

General Service Info

What is salsa and where did it originate from?

Salsa is a popular form of dance originating mainly from Caribbean folk dances. The movements of Salsa are a combination of the Afro-Cuban dances called Son, the cha cha, the Mambo, Rumba, and bomba and the Danzón. Salsa dancing is a great way to socialize and events are commonly held in night clubs, bars, ballrooms, restaurants, and even during the outdoor festival. Salsa originated primarily from Latin America.

I don't have a partner - Is that a problem?

No, you don't need a partner to attend salsa classes, everybody is welcome. You will learn so much whether you come as a single guy or girl. But if your friends and family want to join in, they are most welcome. Also, most salsa classes will assign you partners so you will make new friends and won’t be dancing alone either.

What if I can’t pick up the steps?

That's normal and nothing to worry about. Even skilled dancers at once started where you are now and were probably just as nervous at first.

What do I wear?

Wear anything that's light and comfortable. Preferable to wear dance shoes but not essential. Avoid shoes that are heavy or grippy as they might keep you from nailing your spins. Avoid wearing trainers. Also, make sure to carry along with you a small towel to wipe away the sweat.

Is there any age limit to join salsa classes?

You can start from the age of 16, and the sky's the limit! Most dance studios accept people between the ages of 18 to 80. However, there are separate salsa classes for children.

Will I be at a disadvantage if I miss some classes?

That would depend on what kind, of course, you've signed up for. If it's basic salsa for beginners, you should be able to pick up even after you've missed a few classes. But if it's a professional course, it is advisable not to miss in between classes. However, the first class of any dance studio is always for beginners, so if you have missed a class or two you can always refresh the basics.

What are the benefits of salsa?

The benefits of salsa are endless from a good cardiovascular workout to becoming a professional dancer. You can bond with yourself, your friends and family and the entire community. So you can lose weight, learn something new, improve your mental fitness and meet new people, all from dancing salsa.

• Physically, salsa helps lower blood pressure, improve your cholesterol levels, reduce heart rate, build immunity, stamina, and endurance, and helps release toxins through sweating, and aids in weight loss.

• Salsa can help you burn up to 200-420 calories per hour depending on the speed of the dance, the length of time and your overall health.

• Salsa helps to improve your agility, your self-confidence; it invokes discipline and focus, improves your concentration and memory, and helps improve your overall mental health. How? Remembering all the moves while salsa dancing will help improve your memory.

• Salsa dancing helps you to make new friends and build and enhances relationships. It greatly helps you build on your social skills through having respect and listening, building cultural awareness and teamwork, and helps build community connections.

• Salsa dancing is a huge stress buster with its fast and fun movements, the high energy music and the physical touch/closeness of another person.

• Salsa is a means of breaking out of your shell or comfort zone.

• It is a great way of self- expression and sharing your creativity.

• Salsa makes you smile immediately because the beats are so uplifting, immediately putting you in a better mood and it’s overall so beautiful.

• Salsa breaks barriers and boundaries and brings the world closer together. And if you are part of a salsa dance team or troupe, you can travel the world and dance salsa.

• Salsa helps you overcome shyness and cures other personal/mental/emotional issues, such as depression.

• Salsa makes you feel alive. It is for everyone, no matter what age, demographic background, or culture.

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